What are the Must Haves for a Home Office?

Home Workstation

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home has become a new normal, and this change has not only affected our lives but also our homes as it has urged the need of having a home office. Work from home is a crucial task, it has hugely affected our productivity, and to augment … Read more

Best Doorbells for Your Home: Choose Smartly

red wooden door, golden intercom, cream cement wall

Technology is constantly evolving. People gradually discover innovative products like smartphones, smart TVs, smart refrigerators- any product that has the word “smart” in it. In this world full of “smart” products, we like to own them and keeping them in our homes. One item that you must include in these must-have products … Read more

The History of Architecture

spiral staircase

Architecture’s history is roughly as long as human history, with the same complexities. Its exact origins can be traced back to the Neolithic period ( around 10 000 BC) when people started to handle how they want their residences to look and feel. A fascinating aspect of architecture is its capability to … Read more

Helpful Gardening Tips for Beginners

a hand holding a freshly-dug plant

We need something new and refreshing in our lives. Something that could soothe our sore and tight muscles can help us relax, something that would keep us moving, and something that we can look forward to every weekend as we¬†balance our lives. Many activities have these benefits but one that is relaxing, … Read more

5 Most Common Signs of Suspension Problems

5 Most Common Signs of suspension problems

The suspension of your car is very important. You know that it is designed to absorb the bumps in the road. The level of absorption is generally set by the manufacturer. Harder rides absorb bumps less but give you more feedback regarding what the road is doing. In contrast, softer suspensions absorb … Read more