How to Make Your Home Office a Productive Workspace

a desk with 2 computers, a tablet, a mug, a desk lamp, a plant

With the rise of advanced technology and the internet, people have increasingly become professional digital nomads. Work can be done remotely, anytime, anywhere. Home working is the new norm, and most of us have embraced it. People don’t need to rush to drive to work just to arrive on time; no time-in … Read more

How to Stay Positive When Things Go Wrong

a close-up sideview face of a woman praying

Some people think it’s like they are being doomed or born with so much misfortunes on their side. Things don’t happen according to their plans. Well, nobody can entirely control what will happen today or sees what tomorrow brings. No one is exempted from having bad days, perhaps, weeks, months, or so. … Read more

How to Maximize Focus and Set Priorities

A man concentrating

Pause for a moment. What comes into your head? Are you thinking of so many things? Perhaps, yes. When setting focus on a specific task, these thoughts in your head must go together and work well towards accomplishing that particular task. Focus is a matter of disciplining the mind, and discipline, as … Read more

Tips to Learn the Art of Saying ‘No’

yes words forming a big ‘NO’

Since we were kids, it’s always hard for us to accept the “No” from our parents whenever we wanted to do or have something, and they won’t give it. Do you think they find it easier to say no, although they knew it would make us feel bad and upset? Or have … Read more

Tips for Home Office Lighting

a laptop with a picture of a toddler, blinds behind the laptop, wooden desk with books, notebooks, a pen, and an eraser

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started, almost all of us were required to stay home. This means that we are supposed to do our normal day-to-day stuff like studying and working at home. We bring home paperwork and try to accomplish different online tasks in our home that turned into an office. To become … Read more

Planning Multiple Zoom Meetings in a Day

A person using a laptop for handling Zoom meeting

As more workplaces transition to being remote, we learn how to navigate the aspects of working with our personal computers for hours. Meetings are being moved entirely online, which means we’re setting up or attending many video conference calls. If you don’t have a lot of experience with video conferencing, it may … Read more

Handling Online Meetings in a Noisy House

A computer set for online meeting inside a house

Due to the unique conditions brought about by this pandemic, many of us are forced to work remotely in our own homes. Employers have made us reliant on video conferencing applications like Zoom for conducting meetings and classes. If you make or attend conference calls, then you know how distracting and annoying … Read more

Zoom Meeting Mistakes to Avoid

Woman on the floor using Laptop

The popularity and utilization of on-line platforms have increased enormously in the recent times throughout the world. Zoom meeting is also one of them that have been used by almost everybody in one way or another.  The current challenges in the form of quarantine rules and pandemic threat have built this trend. … Read more

Zoom Meeting Etiquette

Participants in Live Online Meeting

In today’s modern era, everything around us is evolving in an enormous way. This change occurs inevitably. In the last few decades this change is particularly evident in scientific and technological fields. Therefore, in the interest of our benefit, we need to adopt new tactics, techniques, and methods in order to adjust … Read more

Choosing Software for Online Meetings

A woman using her laptop with a cup of coffee

With an increase in global remote hiring and the onset of a pandemic, online meetings are increasingly becoming the norm in workplaces. However, to make sure these virtual conferences are a success, it is essential to know the tips for handling online meetings. While there are several tips and tricks, the most … Read more