Tips for Doing Laundry Quickly and Efficiently

Modern day laundry has become quite a hassle for many people. Problems such as lack of time, lack of proper washing machines, and increasing expense of doing laundry have been causing major problems to people. In case you are wondering how to cut down your laundry expenses and do your laundry efficiently, follow all of the tips mentioned below. 

Tips for Doing Laundry Quickly and Efficiently

Do Laundry Twice a Week

Most people do laundry thrice a week or sometimes even four times a week which is a very non effective way. This is because you are turning on the machine every time and using detergent again which, in return, counts to your electrical expense and detergent expense as well. In addition to that, four sets of 15 minutes of laundry in a week are just too much. This is because for a 15-minute wash, you probably have to make about 30 minutes worth of time to set up the washing machine, as well as take out the washed clothes and hang them to let them dry.

On the other hand, doing laundry only two times in a week is way more effective. This is because you will be having only 2 sets of laundry which might last about 20 – 25 minutes each but the extra time you have to spare would be only 2 times in a week instead of four times. You can spend this saved time on other house chores. Moreover, doing laundry 2 times a week instead of 4 times a week requires relatively lower detergent even if the volume of clothes in both cases is the same. 

Do laundry only two times a week. 

Invest in a High-Tech Washing Machine

This may sound to you as an extra expense but in reality, it will be saving on your long term costs and electric bills that you might incur. Moreover, these machines use the detergent in the most efficient manner which allows you to save on this cost as well. The high-tech washing machines may cost you around $500 or even a bit more but they will surely last longer and generally come with a better manufacturer support, warranty, and easy repairs. 

Many of you might ask: What is a high tech washing machine? For one, it should be having the washer and dryer both as functions. Secondly, it works on the basis of sensors rather than timers to evaluate whether the clothes have been fully washed and dried properly or not. Next, these intelligent machines use limited detergent automatically so look for that as a key important feature. Some of these machines have efficient motors and inverter technology allowing you to save big on electricity. Lastly, a wrinkle-guard feature is present in many modern washing machines which saves your clothes from wrinkles. 

Invest in a high tech machine to make laundry efficient. 

Make Pre-sorting Efficient

One reason why many people fail to do laundry quickly and efficiently is that they have clothes messed up and not sorted out. Therefore, when the time for laundry is there, you have a huge mess from which you sort out colors and whites, towels, socks, and other items as well. Those who believe it is fine to do your laundry without sorting it out first, let us tell you that it is not a healthy habit because different types of clothes have different fabric, color, and have been placed at different parts of the body. Certainly, no one would want to wash their underwear and shirts in the same “go”.

To make pre-sorting efficient, we recommend that you buy some small baskets or simply have a clothing bag set up in either the washroom, or close to the laundry area. Not only that, you should encourage everyone to put their clothes in the respective baskets. This will result in more efficient pre-sorting and you won’t have to go through all that at the time of laundry.  Work Smart, Save time!

Efficient pre-sorting helps in doing laundry quickly. 

Machine Settings

Most common washing machines come equipped with multiple settings. These settings are there to assist you in washing different types of fabric without damaging the cloth. One of the most useful machine settings is “Quick Wash”. Instead of going for normal wash, you can opt to go for quick wash sometimes. This quick wash helps in faster stain removal and washing of clothes but the machine might get hot too. 

However, it is perfectly fine if you do this 2 to 3 times a month. We recommend saving this option for days where you particularly have no extra time. Keep in mind that the quick wash setting is suitable for clothes that are soft such as cotton and silk. Harder clothes made with thick fabric cannot be cleaned on this machine setting and you will have to use the normal wash mechanism. 

USe the quick wash option for doing laundry fast.

Iron and Hang

If you are doing laundry efficiently and quickly but not following the proper steps after you are done, there are high chances that your laundry is not going to be quick and efficient. Many people don’t iron their clothes and hang them properly which is why they lose their crisp at times. Sometimes, when you don’t iron and hang the clothes, they get dirty again. 

To make sure laundry is efficient, do the entire process from sorting out to ironing and hanging. This will ensure that the laundry is not going to waste and you don’t have to spend extra time on getting the clothes crisp quickly. Moreover, clothes that are immediately ironed after washing and drying are highly likely to retain their press as compared to clothes that are ironed after a longer time. 

Ironing is one of the best ways to make sure your laundry is done efficiently. 

Use Fabric Softeners

One way to make sure that your clothes stay in an immaculate condition and don’t get rough over time is to use a fabric softener. The fabric softener helps in making sure that your clothes are in their original colors and shining. It also reduces the drying time by a major extent which allows you to wind up your laundry quickly. 

In addition to that, fabric softeners make sure that the ironing of clothes is done in an easier manner. This is because the fabric surface friction is reduced and the iron slides in an easy way thereby requiring less effort while the heat from the iron is more evenly distributed as well. Lastly, the fabric softeners also reduce the static cling which is another important reason to use them. 

Buy Bigger Pouch of Detergent

You might be thinking that buying a bigger pack of detergent would be costing more so how is it efficient? The answer is pretty simple. High volumes are sold at relatively cheaper prices by the company as compared to low volumes. For example, if you buy the 500 gram detergent, it might cost you $5 but if you buy the 1000 grams detergent, it would cost you $8 instead of $10. Similarly, if you go for even larger packs such as 2Kg, or 5Kg, the relative price increase would be reduced and you will be actually getting it all quite cheaply. 

The incentive is given to the customers to buy more volume. You might think that the low volume is cheap but it is way pricey compared to the large volume detergent. Moreover, the main reason why you can buy a big pack of detergent is that they do not expire quickly and have months’ worth of expiry from the actual date of production. In addition to that, this tip can be followed with other items as well such as fabric softeners, stain removers, or other assorted accessories. 

Save Water

To make sure that laundry is being done efficiently, save water as much as you can. Use a bucket to fill up water instead of keeping a pipe running constantly. Saving water will not only make sure that laundry is efficient but it will also create less mess. It is also our environmental responsibility to use water in a way that is sustainable for the future generations.

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Save water while doing laundry. 


Doing laundry is a big hassle for many people. However, if you just modify a few of the tough practices, you will no longer find it a mess. In fact, focus on all the aspects that we mentioned above and make a routine that is according to the tips for doing laundry quickly and efficiently. We hope that you are able to save on massive costs and get your work done in no time.