Are sportswear and athletic wear appropriate for the office?

Can you wear your workout gear to the office? Yes, it is possible to wear athleisure to work these days. You can now covertly wear your workout attire to work thanks to a range of businesses that provide fashionable sports clothing. Check out our site on The 10 Largest Sportswear Brands in the World.

Of course, your business setting has a significant impact on the sort of gear you may wear. Are you going to be at a startup or a casual office setting? If so, you may proceed. It will require a bit more creativity if you operate in a more formal setting, but it is still feasible.

Try A Tunic Top

For those who enjoy working out at the gym, it’s a good thing that many manufacturers produce flowing, light tunic-style tops that look fashionable outside of the gym. Look for breathable, high-tech clothing that can be worn in a business casual setting.

Avoid sportswear with spandex, garish designs, bright colors, or anything transparent, low-cut, or excessively tight while dressed for a professional environment. Remember that you are still in a professional work atmosphere, so you’ll want to look the part, even though these styles may be fashionable in athletic wear that’s designed from the gym to the street, 

Look Polished in Prints

Look for designs that resemble the fabric used for conventional work trousers or slacks when purchasing pants that you may wear to your yoga, barre, or spin class as well as in a professional situation. 

Therefore, when looking for trousers, stay away from any too vibrant or wild designs like tribal, psychedelic, or animal prints and choose an outfit that is more fitted. Tweed or herringbone, for instance, are two excellent choices.

Throw on a Casual Blazer

By adding a casual jacket, you may quickly spice up your workout attire. Of course, you will not want to wear your best professional attire after working out. As a suitable substitute, pick a loose-fitting, stretchy jacket that won’t feel constricting during or after your workout.

Dress it up with detail

Consider outfits with distinctive, office-wear-inspired elements to add a sophisticated touch for a more polished appearance. Without sacrificing fit or functionality, details like a cowl neck, ruching, asymmetrical hemlines, or unusual seaming or structure will liven up your appearance.

Wear Your Yoga Pants Straight to Work

There are now jeans available that are appropriate for anything, from a job interview to a yoga class, and from Pilates to an office meeting. Yoga pants come in narrow or flared styles; look for cozy materials.

Look Sleek in Fitted Long Sleeves

A sleek, long-sleeved shirt or a fitting sweater is another good look. Look for materials like French terry, thin knits, or wicking polyester/spandex blends that will keep you dry during your workouts but also look more stylish than your typical cotton shirt.


What are the Different Types of Business Attire?

Business Professional Attire

When you dress professionally for work, you often wear conservative clothing to present a professional image of yourself. Similar to a business formal, you are not required to dress to impress and wear your best shoes to a business professional. Finance, accounting, and companies with rigorous dress codes are among the professions where everyday business professional attire may be required. While males can put on a blazer or suit jacket, button-down shirt, suit pants, a tie, and dress shoes, women can wear a skirt or pants suit with heels.

Business Casual Attire

You are not obligated to wear a suit if the dress code at your place of employment is business casual. However, it does not require comfortable clothing like jeans and T-shirts. Women generally pair dress slacks, dress shoes, or boots with a collared shirt or sweater. Dresses and skirts that are modest are also suitable. A polo shirt, collared shirt, or sweater are examples of appropriate business casual attire for men. His business casual ensemble consists of khakis or dress trousers and dress shoes. He does not have to have a tie on.

Small Business Casual

If your small company workplace has a casual dress code, you must outline the appropriate attire for employees. Casual attire need not be careless or unsuitable. Avoid wearing soiled or wrinkled clothes as well as anything too provocative or insulting. Well-tailored jeans, khaki slacks, button-down shirts, and casual blouses are a few examples of appropriate attire. Women can be comfortable in flats rather than needing to wear heels. If you work in a private office or salon, your dress code restrictions could be even laxer, permitting T-shirts and sneakers; nonetheless, always be tidy and consider how you come across to clients.

Business Formal Attire

You are dressing to impress when you wear business-casual clothes. An improvement above everyday professional wear is business formal attire. Business formal attire may be required for award ceremonies and dressy evening gatherings. Over a dress shirt and silk tie, men frequently choose a black suit. The shirt should have a French cut and cufflinks are permitted. Men must also put on silk or linen pocket squares. Black pants that match the formal shoes complete the outfit. Women should dress formally for work by donning a skirted suit, stockings, and closed-toe heels.


Casual Suits Vs. Business Suits

Your occupation and the occasion for which you are wearing will determine whether you should wear a business or casual suit. When interviewing or working in a finance-related field that mandates formal clothes, a business suit may be worn regularly. For workplaces with a business casual dress code or informal recruitment fairs, casual suits are allowed.


You should wear dark-colored clothing, such as navy, black, gray, or brown, with a business suit. Women will dress in dark-colored skirts suits or slacks, while males will wear a business suit in the same color with dress pants. For ladies, a casual suit can come with either a skirt or pants and be of a light hue.

Male Suits

Men should dress professionally by donning a double-breasted suit. When wearing this kind of suit, you must maintain the buttons fastened. Single-breasted suits just have one button to fasten and may be taken removed for a more relaxed look. Men generally pair dress shirts with business suits. A silk tie should be worn to complement a man’s business suit look. However, casual suits can be manufactured from a less pricey fabric and often require a tie as well.

Women’s Suits

When standing, women’s formal business skirt suits should be hit at the knee. Slits may be seen slightly above the knee on longer skirts. A slip may need to be worn underneath formal clothes. You should not be able to see the slide. You must wear pantyhose and closed-toe shoes with business suits. Women’s casual suits do not need hosiery and may contain pants. Business casual clothes may also be worn with less formal dress shoes or boots.


Your attire should be clean whether you are wearing a corporate or casual outfit. The suit should not be torn or stained, and it should be wrinkle-free. Shoes need to be shined and cleaned. Men should refrain from wearing a goofy tie and stick to traditional patterns like solids or stripes. Women should refrain from flashing too much cleavage or accessorizing with excessive jewelry.

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Key Takeaways

  • There are several fashionable athleisure shirts and bottoms that are suitable for the office. 
  • A word of caution: Be careful not to dress too casually for your specific employment. Additionally, stay away from loud prints and restricted alternatives.
  • In rare circumstances, you might be able to discover patterns that resemble formal business attire, such as herringbone.