What are the Must Haves for a Home Office?

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, work from home has become a new normal, and this change has not only affected our lives but also our homes as it has urged the need of having a home office. Work from home is a crucial task, it has hugely affected our productivity, and to augment our energy we are required to dedicate a portion of our house to office furniture.

Although picking office furniture is an arduous chore, it has many perks also, as you will be able to choose the perfect corner for yourself at home, you can select the most comfortable chair for yourself and most importantly you can decide the colour combination of your furniture to complement it with your house.

As you are not an expert in picking the best home office furniture, we have made a list of MUST HAVES that you can follow. But before you rush up there are also some do’s that you need to consider.

Must Do’s Before Must Haves

There are a lot of factors that you need to consider before picking office furniture for your home. Most people do these blunders that is why we are here to guide your path so that you do not make these mistakes. Must do’s before must-haves are:

Measuring The Space Dedicated To Your Home Office

What are the Must Haves for a Home Office?

The first and foremost step is to measure the space you have decided to dedicate to your home office, whether you have emptied a room or a corner, taking measurements is mandatory, as you can not pick the furniture on mere assumptions. If you skip this step, you would have to face regrettable consequences.

So make sure to take measurements of your dedicated space so that you can make your purchase without later regrets.

Make a Budget

What are the Must Haves for a Home Office?

The second and equally important step is to make a budget and stay in it. You are not a millionaire, or even if you are you would not want to spend all of your life savings only on some home-office furniture. So, always keep in mind to make a budget.

Follow Your Style

The next mandatory step is to follow your style, and that is one of the perks that the home office offers. You can customise your space and furniture according to your style and personality and in return, it would benefit you with augmented productivity. Various themes of styles from which you can choose yours are as follows.

  • Modern Style
  • Contemporary Style
  • Vintage Style
  • Traditional Style
  • Glam Style
  • Industrial Style 

Must Haves For a Home Office

Following are the must-haves that you need to keep in mind.

1. A Perfect Desk

What are the Must Haves for a Home Office?

Owing to the various functions that it performs, a desk is an inextricable part of a home office, but its type depends on the type of work you do. It is just not a table but the heart of your home office, so to pick the best you have to consider the following points:

2. Surface Area of the Desk

The type of desk you are looking for depends on your usage. If you work from a laptop then it does not require a large surface area, but if you use a computer system you would need a desk with various portions to place your mouse, keyboard, monitor, CPU, and speakers. 

And even if you use neither of them, you would still need a desk with ample space and drawers to keep your files and records in place, so that it does not clutter the table.

3. An Ergonomic Desk

To save yourself from backache and many other issues you need to buy a desk that complements your height so that you would not have to bend or stretch yourself to work.

4. Ample Storage

What’s the purpose of a desk, if it can not store your files? The purpose of a desk is not only to act as a stand for your laptop and computer but to store your files, books and notes.

After the characteristics of desks, the following are the types of desks that you can go for.

  • Traditional desks are the type of typical desks that have drawers or shelves.
  • Corner desks are best if you do not have ample space to make your home office.
  • Floating desks are best as they do not require any surface area to be placed on. 
  • The others are Credenza, folding and ladder desks with the same function to perform but come in different shapes.

Home Office Chair

What are the Must Haves for a Home Office?

A chair is the next must-have piece of furniture on which you are highly dependent upon, as of course, you can not work for too long by standing and bending down towards the table.

For your ease of buying we have winnowed down some types of chairs that you can add to the list.

There are many more types of chairs but the quality of a home office chair is possessed by those three types of chairs that are mentioned above.

Storage Space

What are the Must Haves for a Home Office?

You would need more storage space than a desk, to keep all of your files intact and in order. Storage spaces are an essential part of a home office that you can not skip while picking office furniture ideas from us.

Side Tables

What are the Must Haves for a Home Office?

In a home-based office, side tables are a must-have for you to keep all your office-related belongings in one space. You can keep your laptop charger, headphones, pens, paper on your side tables and can place some decorative plants on it to make your space more aesthetic.

Book Cases

What are the Must Haves for a Home Office?

As it is said that books are the best friends of human beings and if your work is related to books and readings then you might need a bookcase to place all your books in a single place and also to prevent them getting torn apart and dirty.

Filing Cabinets

Discipline is the key to productivity and your files being placed here and there is a serious threat to your productivity. To save your time and files, a filing cabinet is a must-have for your home office.

Motivational Quotes

A home is a place where everyone feels comfortable and gets sluggish at times, but to work from home and to make yourselves productive, you can use some motivation for sure. 

Motivational quotes are not a part of home office furniture but are a must-have for you to work. And the best part is that you do not need to buy them, instead, you can print them for yourself at home.

Do What You Love

Work from home can be daunting as there are not any specific timings to do a task. When your mind gets tired you can perform well so the best way to boost yourself is to do what you love! If you like music, play a song and then start working. If you like to paint then do some painting and give yourself a much-needed break.

 Again, this has nothing to do with your home office furniture, but this tip would come in handy when you will get tired and lose your productivity.

Final word

Work from home has become a necessity now as we do not have any choice, owing to this pandemic. To work effectively the need for home office furniture is eminent. To attenuate your risks of doing blunders, we have mentioned all the must-haves that you would need for your home office.