20 Places Around the World Perfect to Live Off the Grid

a clearing by the river

In recent years, more and more people are coming to live off the grid, away from the responsibilities and commitment of being in a populace. Many factors lead people to transition to this laidback lifestyle. Some wanted to save money by building a sustainable off-the-grid life. Some are enticed by the idea of living … Read more

Discover a New Way of Living at the Off Grid Living Festival Australia

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Living in tiny homes, container vans, eco-houses with solar panels, growing your food, recycling water – sounds exciting, right? Well, you are not alone. Many people are fascinated by off-grid living.  With its growing popularity, everyone who has access to the internet should have seen at least one of those cleverly constructed … Read more

Off Grid Home Designs for A Self-Sufficient Lifestyle

Tiny House Giant Journey travels through the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona while an RV drives by.

Off-grid living, however promising, is as daring and challenging as it gets. Regardless, more people are still attracted to it – even more, still are those deciding to transition to a more self-sufficient lifestyle. As a rule of thumb, living off the grid follows these four fundamental steps: Generate electricity. Collect and … Read more

The Cons of Living Off the Grid

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With the fast rate of technological advancement today, most of the population is moving forward to more sophisticated ways of living alongside new technology. However, not everyone is on board with this. A growing part of the population has and is continuously downsizing their lifestyle to minimize or totally cut off their … Read more

Common Living Off The Grid Mistakes To Avoid

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Living off the grid in a land in the middle of nowhere, living by what you sow from that land, is a dream for many. It might be a good idea, but it isn’t easy. You might have to live off scavenging, or worse, you’ll end up if you don’t do it … Read more

The Best Destinations in the US for Off-the-Grid Living

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In recent years, the number of people going off-grid had been increasing for several reasons. Some people opt to be off-grid to be self-reliant; some wanted to be more in touch with nature, some wanted to step away from society, while some just wanted to stay away from society. For others, staying … Read more

The Real Cost of Living Off the Grid

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Staying or living off-grid has a lot of meaning to different people. For some, staying off-grid is a temporary vacation from the hustle and bustle of city life, staying in remote places for a long time before returning to the grid. Meanwhile, some people only get themselves off the public electrical or … Read more

Washing Clothes When You’re Off the Grid

A boy washing clothes in a metal tub using a washboard

If you’re planning to take a vacation off the grid for a substantial amount of time or just working towards self-sufficiency, you have to learn how to wash clothes without washing machines. It may seem inconvenient, but remember, people have lived without electricity and appliances for years. Even the Amish people today … Read more

Ways to Heat Your Home for Living Off the Grid

propane heater

Many people these days are planning to go off the grid. Why wouldn’t they? Going off the grid saves you a lot of money on those expensive electricity bills. It also provides you with environmentally friendly alternatives and helps you survive during disasters. Generally, when we think of the word “off-grid,” what … Read more

Preserving Food for Off the Grid Living

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These days there’s an uprise in people going off the grid, and that is commendable. Being off the grid allows you to sustain yourself in harsher conditions. For example, if the food supply goes down, then you’ll have enough resources to survive on your own. Off the grid living requires that you … Read more