20 Places Around the World Perfect to Live Off the Grid

In recent years, more and more people are coming to live off the grid, away from the responsibilities and commitment of being in a populace. Many factors lead people to transition to this laidback lifestyle. Some wanted to save money by building a sustainable off-the-grid life. Some are enticed by the idea of living in a more peaceful environment closer to nature.

Whatever reasons they have, many people are getting into this lifestyle change because of the availability of off-grid locations, especially in the US.

If you are planning to go off-grid, make sure you understand much about the lifestyle. The great thing is, the US is not the only place in the world ideal for off-grid living. Here are the best places in the world for off-the-grid living.

Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Missouri. This is an eco-town situated in Missouri pioneered by three students in the ’90s whose goal was to build a community of 500 to 1000 residents in the area. Residents are living a self-sustainable lifestyle that is eco-friendly. However, the Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage is not an off-the-grid location as they are still maintaining contact with society, especially for education.

Lord Howe Island, Australia. For temporary off-the-grid living, this island paradise is perfect for you. The island only has a population of 350; therefore, you can get the most out of your off-the-grid vacation in this quiet, little town.

Vieques, Puerto Rico. Another great island destination for off-the-grid living is the secluded Vieques Island of Puerto Rico. The island is lush and quiet – the perfect combination for a laidback living.

a house by the hills

Freedom Cove, Canada. Freedom Cove took off-the-grid living to a whole new level. Artists Catherine and Wayne Adams created this floating space for living off-the-grid. Although space is not openly available for those who want to live off-the-grid in there, you can still appreciate the craftsmanship and artistry of its creators. In addition, there are boat tours that let you go around the facilities and experience the off-the-grid life on the surface of the water.

Tinker’s Bubble, England. Built in 1994, this off-the-grid place utilizes environmentally-friendly methods of living. Veering away from using fossil fuels in tilling the land and using solar panels and wind turbines to generate energy, Tinker’s Bubble is probably one of the most self-sufficient off-the-grid communities in the world. They grow their food and even process their timber for their houses.

Tristan Da Cunha, UK. With only 253 British citizens, this set of islands is ideal for temporary off-the-grid living as this secluded area can offer you time to recharge and time off from the noise of busy towns and cities.

Lord Howe Golf Course

Three Rivers Recreation Area, Oregon. A rather fancier take on the off-the-grid living, this gated community does not strip you of all your connections to the grid, rather provides you just the right amount of disconnection which remains comfortable.

Easter Island, Polynesia. If you want to explore a community living a self-sufficient and eco-friendly lifestyle without really committing to physically building your own home there, Easter Island is for you. This is then for the temporary off-the-grid folks who just want a taste of the lifestyle. But your stay here will be something for the books as you are treated with majestic sunsets of this volcanic island along with the 900 statues that were built on the island between the 13th and 16th centuries.

The Azores, Portugal. The Azores are a set of untouched islands still quite unknown to tourists, making them a great area for temporarily detaching yourself from your busy urban life. Not only does it offer seclusion for a quiet stay, but it also has a lot of amazing views for you.

Macquarie Island, Australia. This place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and its waters have been declared as a Tasmanian Nature Reserve. The island is also home to a small number of people, making it an ideal spot for either temporary or permanent off-the-grid living.

Norton Covert site of Tinker's Bubble

Lasqueti Island, British Columbia, Canada. Just off the east coast of Vancouver is Lasqueti Island. The island can offer you a great experience in living a sustainable lifestyle by allowing you to do the land tilling and growing yourself. With just a minimal but educated population of 400 residents, you can enjoy your stay while learning something from the locals.

Barrow, Alaska. Residents of this town sustain their off-the-grid living with hunting and fishing. However, if you choose to join the community, the availability and affordability of some grocery items may be a concern. So, make sure you do your research first before settling in this community.

Lammas Ecovillage, Wales. Hailed by The Guardian as being one of the top 10 best eco-homes in the UK, Lammas Village is a great place for you to make off-the-grid living with a community. The village boasts the strong communal relationship of the residents who help each other sustain their community and themselves.

Konohana Family, Japan. Like the Lammas Ecovillage, the Konohana Family in Japan is also centered on a community of people working together towards achieving the off-the-grid and self-sustainable lifestyle. The village is also very spiritual. This should give you an additional reason to live here if you want a total off-the-grid living with an improved spiritual connection.

stone carvings resembling men’s heads, Moais, Isla de Pascua

False Kiva, Utah. The spectacular scenery of the US Canyonlands has enticed many people to go off-the-grid in these areas. False Kiva is a man-made stone circle in one of the caves reachable by hiking.

Earthships, USA. This community may have a randomly picked name, but residents take their presence and lifestyle seriously. Here, people are taught to build autonomous houses and learn skills for sustainability.

Fernando De Noronha, Brazil. Brazil is a famous vacation spot for many people because of its stunning beaches and extravagant events. But there is a quieter and secluded part of this country that is ideal for off-the-grid living. The Fernando De Noronha has an ecological sanctuary home to dolphins, rays, sea turtles, and reef sharks from the beautiful clear waters. If you want a temporary off-the-grid experience with nature, you can consider this place.

Raoul Island, New Zealand. Down to New Zealand lies Raoul Island, a great place of seclusion that can offer you the peaceful environment you want, along with a majestic view of rolling hills, mountain peaks, and blue waters.

Khula Dhamma, South Africa. Khulu Dhamma in South Africa is an ecovillage of natural homes designed in African huts. Water supply is secured with a solar pump, and small gardens, beehives, outdoor compost toilets were built for that sustainable and off-the-grid lifestyle that veers away from being dependent on the grid.

Torri Superiore, Italy. And finally, a place tagged as “a little jewel of architecture” and has the perfect balance of a community working together on their lifestyle and the space to recharge, the Torri Superiore in Italy is one of the best places for off-the-grid living and sustainable lifestyle.

For sure, you may have some picks in mind. So, plan carefully, pack those bags, and get ready to experience off-the-grid living!