Easy to Avoid Zoom Meeting Mistakes 

phone opening the Zoom application

First impressions last, they say. Especially when it comes to business, it is important to have a good first impression from your employees, partners, or clients. Your sales may rely on you having an excellent and professional appearance on the team. In today’s time, virtual meetings have become more prominent in society. … Read more

Tips for using Zoom effectively

When COVID forced the majority of people worldwide to remain at home, Zoom became the ultimate video conference app to keep the isolated world connected. Zoom is now the most popular app to facilitate education, provide healthcare assistance, allow business meetings, and so on. Although it is a fairly easy-to-use app on … Read more

Tips for Lighting an Office with No Windows

Office lighting

After entering practical life, we must sacrifice our comfort and work in places that don’t match our homes. An office is such a place where generally people don’t get to decide how their room looks like, so sometimes we find it necessary to make some changes in the environment to make it … Read more

Factors to Consider When Selecting Office Furniture

interior of an office, with table and chairs, and a huge TV screen

Efficiency at work, especially in the office, is not only determined by your skills and proficiency but also by excellent facilities and the environment of your workspace. How your office looks will also talk much about how you do business and how you value people coming into your office-your clients and visitors, … Read more

How to Plan a Great Office Welcome Party

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Good dynamics in the workplace promote productivity. One of the cleverest ways to make this possible is to provide our employees with corporate parties to enjoy and have a good time after doing quite a work. Office welcome parties are an opportunity where you can establish bonds and rapport with your people … Read more

List of Fun Office Activities

men and women talking to each other, laptop and paper on the desk, glass walls

Work can be fun, yet it can be a little bit stressful and hard at times. Some days can be tougher than other days, and these tough times can affect one’s performance at work. So, it is crucial to have happy and motivated employees in the office. It is why team-building activities … Read more

The Importance of Having a Good Internet Connection at The Workplace

employees working and discussing in the office

In the United States, there are approximately 269.5 million mobile internet users as of January 2021, according to a Statista.com report. The number represents over 90 percent of all active internet users of the country. Undeniably, the Internet has penetrated almost every aspect of people’s daily lives-communication, education, business sector, etc. Since … Read more

Why a Good Work/Life Balance is Critical for Productivity

Why a Good Work Life Balance is Critical for Productivity

The coronavirus pandemic has many of us worried about our jobs, and with good reason. As noted by the Pew Research Center, the U.S. unemployment rate rose higher from February to May 2020 than it did in two years during the great recession. Given that the pandemic isn’t over and there’s still … Read more