How to Plan a Great Office Welcome Party

Good dynamics in the workplace promote productivity. One of the cleverest ways to make this possible is to provide our employees with corporate parties to enjoy and have a good time after doing quite a work. Office welcome parties are an opportunity where you can establish bonds and rapport with your people while having an excuse to pause office matters and take a quick break.

However, planning a corporate welcome party can be a bit challenging, as you might expect.  You can’t just throw a party to call it one! Welcoming parties are essential in setting expectations about the company and its people, and messing up with this could cause new employees to have the wrong impressions. Contrary to the common notion that office parties are pretty dull and stale, office parties can be unique, lit, and memorable, too, with just the proper preparations! Here’s how.


Select a theme that would best reflect what the party is all about and stick to it in every single detail of your party – the decorations, accessories such as party hats, costumes (if applicable), music, lighting, food setup, and such must be coherent. These simple details often leave a positive note to people. But, take note that your party’s theme must be wholesome and not as daring as to make your new employees feel weird and creeped out. Here are some themes you can go by for your office party:

  • Masquerade
  • A favorite movie
  • Color themes such as black-and-white, checkered, bright colors, etc.
  • Season themes such as summer outfits
  • Impressions of famous personalities
  • Festivals

fists joined together forming a square


There is no better way to organize a grand welcome party than to plan it together. Compose a team of your most creative and diverse employees and ask for their suggestions and ideas for the event. You will be surprised by the cleverness of input they can contribute, and the diversity of their ideas can help orchestrate your party. 


Budget can sometimes be a hindrance to achieve whatever plans we have for our welcome party. But this should not always be the case. When having budget limitations, it is wise to estimate the costs first before rushing to the stores to get the needed materials to avoid overspending. When buying the materials, we can always go for the least expensive ones in single-use materials. It also helps when we have planned everything already to picture out what stuff to gather quickly. We can also make DIY decorations to save more budget.


Office parties have an undeniable reputation of being boring and stale, clearly because older superiors run most workplaces (well, they used to). But now, more and more younger leaders make it to the ranks, and this notion is finally starting to change.

Knowing the trend means a lot for employers and immediate superiors as this can bridge the gap between them and the younger employees who are fond of what they mostly see in social media. When throwing a party, we can incorporate these trends to make them feel that we are also updated. If applicable, provide some trendy entertainment to make the party alive. Hire some trending entertainers like musicians and dancers to spice up the event. 


There is no lit party without fun and funny games. Games make the party alive and give everyone a venue to let their inner child out once in a while. We are all children inside regardless of age, and a little play in the workplace may not be a bad thing after all. Insert games that require team spirit, and you can turn your welcoming party into a team-building activity too. This might also be the best opportunity to play some pranks to your co-workers, it’s time to bring your prank ideas come to life!

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If there are games, there should be prizes! Prizes, frankly speaking, are sometimes one of the main reasons why your employees enjoy and try to win your parties’ games. Everyone loves winning! Be generous with the prize – they should not be that expensive, but they make sure that they are not that cheap. These prizes will surely make your employees go crazy with the games.

  • Gadgets
  • Gift cheques
  • Fancy treats like chocolates, coffee, tea
  • Movie or game show tickets
  • Small appliances like a coffee-maker
  • Custom trophies like that one in the show Brooklyn Nine-Nine saying, “Amazing Detective Slash Genius.”


Encourage taking pictures of the event to make it more memorable. You can also come up with a DIY photo booth to pose together and get snapshots of the moment. In addition, they can use their social media accounts and apps to document the party, giving your company a free advertisement telling people how fun it is to work in your workplace.


Lastly, do not forget the welcome present. Giving a gift to your new hire sets an optimistic mood and helps him feel noticed and comfortable. Setting this positive vibe can later have a good impact on the employees’ work habits and productivity. Of course, it is always thoughtful to leave a handwritten note and a personalized token on your new employee’s desk.