List of Fun Office Activities

Work can be fun, yet it can be a little bit stressful and hard at times. Some days can be tougher than other days, and these tough times can affect one’s performance at work. So, it is crucial to have happy and motivated employees in the office. It is why team-building activities are essential in companies. They are a great way to lessen the stress your employees feel at work. Aside from that, you get to bond with your officemates, and you could get a chance to know them better outside the office. However, some of these activities are not for everybody to enjoy. You may find it hard to look for enjoyable activities suited for everyone. So to lighten your burden, here is the list of fun office activities that everybody might enjoy. 

three people discussing, long wooden desk, big and rolled papers on the desk

  1. Two Truths and One Lie- this is a fun activity for everyone. Everyone must sit together in a circle. Allow everyone a few minutes to think about their two truths and one lie. After that, everybody must take turns to let people guess which one of the three choices they gave is a lie. This activity will help everybody get to know each other in a fun and easy way. 
  2. Name That Song- play a song of any genre for five seconds. Anyone can answer the song title. The one who first guesses the title correctly is the winner. 
  3. Mix and Mingle- this activity is one way of socializing and getting to know other people from different departments. The department heads must select employees from distinct departments and let them eat lunch together. It will help the employees come out of their bubble and be friends with other people. 
  4. Count to 20- this is easy but can be quite a tricky kind of game. Everyone must sit together in a circle. Start counting from one to twenty. Anyone can start the counting. However, when two people say the very same number together, counting goes back to one. It will help the employees focus and be aware of the group dynamics and help them work together even with little communication. 
  5. Compliment Circle- Let everybody sit in a circle. The objective of this game is to compliment anyone you like. Individuals will compliment each other, even if it is just the little things. It might be a simple activity, but it can be fun, and everyone gets to feel encouraged and motivated after. 
  6. Memory Wall- each employee must have paper, a pen, and tape. Ask everyone to draw or write a good memory that they shared with the team. After that, let them stick it on a wall and have some employees explain what they drew or wrote. This activity will help the group build camaraderie and reaffirm everybody of the positive relationship they have at work. 
  7. Office Trivia- News Flash! Trivia Night does not only happen in bars! Bring trivia night in the office, and challenge everybody’s brains. Divide the company into different teams. Ask them several trivia questions. Whoever gets the most answers is declared the winner. Offer small prizes so that the teams would be more competitive and determined to win. 
  8. Statue Game- this game starts with one person that becomes a statue. This chosen person will freeze in the middle of working. Officemates who get to notice will also become statues. The game continues until the last employee left. The final employee to spot the frozen people will become the next statue. It will be such a fun game, especially when people start to freeze out of nowhere. 
  9. Scavenger Hunt- a scavenger hunt is a fun and exciting activity to do in offices. Make a list of the things or artifacts hidden in the office. Divide the employees into teams and give out the list you prepared. The first team to complete the clues or the items wins. This activity will help build the company’s teamwork and encourage everybody to be more alert and observant of their environment. 
  10. Hack Days- Let everyone work on something different on a particular workday. It can be anything that should benefit the company. Make sure employees from various departments can work with each other. The point of this activity is to create and plan something that needs a different set of skills. It will help enhance your employees’ way of thinking while doing something that could advantage your company. 
  11. Name that employee- divide your company into two teams and let everyone put their names inside a hat or a box provided for each group. Each group must take a name from the other group’s box. Let the team guess whose name it is by describing that particular staff. Make sure to put a time limit on each guess. The group with the most number of guesses wins.