Tips for Improving Your Creativity

The definition of creativity is the ability to grow and show ourselves and our ideas in new ways. In simpler words, creativity can be referred to as the ability to innovate. Creativity falls into the category of those things which can be improved.

For anyone who wishes to improve their thought process, they must identify and remove the barriers to creativity first. If you are seeking to channel your inner creativity, you’d want to implement a few tips that can effectively help you.

Make Meditation Your Habit


A recent study by Stanford shows that medication does improve creativity levels. The study reveals that frequent meditation boosts our ability to bounce back from tough situations and control our stress levels. When we have total stress control we can engage ourselves in a more thoughtful system to make steady decisions.

Meditation develops divergent thinking which involves many thoughts focusing on generating various solutions to a particular problem. Moreover, Meditation promotes a mental state in which new ideas can be generated. 10-15 minutes of regular meditation helps improve long-term creativity level. 

Take Risks

It is hard to achieve something fruitful without taking risks. The distinct quality of creative people is that they are risk-takers. Fear of failure is a barrier to creativity and it should be eliminated so that you can cultivate your creative ideas.

Ultimately, you’ll never know what potential you hold unless you go beyond your limits!



The  study also shows that people who take divergent tests right after a peaceful walk tend to do better. Walking raises your creativity by 60%. The mind becomes more active during the walk and new interesting ideas begin to invade the person’s mind.

During a walk, a person’s mind is more relaxed which enables him to think of different approaches to solving a particular problem. Moreover, research shows that the movement period helps us to gain a state of focus in which we can think more rationally. So if improving creativity is your goal then making a habit of walking is a great idea.

Write More

Writing more often helps generate new ideas and cultivate creativity. Writing about random topics quickly and continuously is an effective way of making yourself creative. Writing fast helps you to focus on your creativity level rather than the content since it allows the unconscious ideas to appear on the paper.

When you are freewriting you are automatically pushing your mind to generate new ideas since your mind is in a flow state. Writing more often will allow you to be more productive and improve your creative level.

Moreover, writing down certain problems will help you to find solutions to them in your free time. It is hard to present the solution on the spot so it is a wise idea to jot down all the annoyances and analyze them later.

Preserve Your Ideas

If boosting creativity is your ultimate goal then make the habit of carrying a small notebook with you all the time. Ideas should be noted down quickly when they come to your mind. This method is backed by a study that noting down ideas is the beneficial feature of boosting creativity.

The process of generating new ideas does not slow down with age but remembering them can be a difficult task. Preserving your thoughts will help you to use them in certain situations. Generating a new idea is of no use if you forget it and do not present it outside your thought.

Get Some Sleep


If it is hard for you to find a solution to some problem then sleeping might help. Sufficient sleep helps your brain to make connections and present solutions, powering up your creative process. Without sleep, it is hard for the brain to form new ideas. Sleeping helps your brain to perform at its best.

Sleeping allows your brain to think about experiences with new techniques. So if some problem is troubling you then it is a good idea to get some sleep and you are more likely to find the same solution when you wake up in the morning.

Allow Yourself to Read More


Developing a habit of reading for at least 40 minutes per day and reading frequently will instill an inventive mindset in you.Reading is great for relaxing and inspiring your mind. When you read you are more likely to boost your creativity since it allows the mind to explore new ideas.

Reading improves our level of imagination as the mind practises the art of picturing scenarios. Imagining a scenario to find solutions is the best way to overcome problems. There are a lot of books for improving easily available creativity

A Creative Social Circle

When your social gathering is filled with creative people you are most likely to learn new things and expand your perspective.

When you spend more time with creative people you are more likely to be inspired by their thoughts and ideas. Creative people tend to promote inventiveness so you are more likely to share your new ideas without any fears. You are most likely to overcome your creative blocks with the help of your creative friends.

You can learn more from their mistakes and their different methods to improve your creative level.


There are a lot of ways a person can improve their creativity and it is very important to identify your creative blocks first. It becomes easier to cultivate your creativity when there is no hindrance in your way.

It is wise to try different methods of improving creativity and decide what suits you best. Creativity is limitless and there are a lot of benefits of being creative.

Guide created by Midwest Teachers Institute