Decorating That Is Kid Friendly

Everyone wants to decorate their house according to their taste and personality; however, sometimes, you have to consider other factors when decorating your home. If you’re living alone or with a partner and don’t have kids yet, then you might not face any issues at all.

However, when you factor kids into the equation, you will be faced with certain challenges. The biggest challenge would be to giveup on the high-end furniture and fine art you have been dying to bring to your home. A home full of kids requires these compromises.

How can you lay in the living room the exquisite rug you brought from your trip to France without worrying that your kid would cover it with slime? Is there any way to showcase your house where it doesn’t look like a playground, and you can actually display your aestheticcollections? Keep reading to find out.

Why Should You Consider Kid-Friendly Decoration?

Kids are a blessing; however, they can be hard to control at times. We haveall heard the story of that kid who kept on trying to put his/her finger inside the electric socket. Despite the parents even yelling at the kid to stop, he/she still ended up doingthe same. Such is the nature of kids; no matter how many times you tell them to stay away from danger, their instinct leads them towards it.

So, when it comes to the decoration of your home, several items can similarlypose a danger for your kids, or on the other hand, the kids can potentially damage them. The following are some reasons why you should consider kid-friendly decorations for your home.

Broken or Torn Furniture

Kids love jumping and especially playing lava on the sofa sets, which can result in broken furniture. In such scenarios, it is better to invest in durable and robust sofa sets that might lack in the looks department but will last you a couple of years before eventually wearing out. Furthermore, leather or even faux leather should be avoided.

Wall Drawings

Most of us are guilty of drawing our favorite sceneries on the wall as kids, despite our mom yelling at us not to do that. There are easy ways by which you can encourage the creativity of your kid and stop them from using the walls as a canvas.

Sharp Edges

The majority of fancy coffee tables have sharp edges; some of them are even made from glass. Having kids around such items can be dangerous, as they can unknowingly hurt themselves while playing or interacting with it.

Ideas for Kid-Friendly Decoration

There are many ways in which you can maintain the aesthetics of your home décor and make it safe for kids as well. The following are some ideas which will surely help you out.

Large Open Space

Make sure to have a large space in your common room where kids can roam freely and play around. Place your sofa sets and tables at an ample distance from each other. This will further allow you to play with your kids and have a fun and quality family time together. There are several floor games that the kids can play.

Frame Their Drawings

Kids need appreciation to feel confident about themselves. Kids that aren’t appreciated well enough often lack confidence and courage to take hard steps; they’re more likely to self-isolate themselves from society. The best way to boost a kid’s confidence is to appreciate his/her work.

Next time your kids chalk down your beautiful walls, don’t scold them. Rather hand them a paper or drawing sheet and allow them to be creative. When they’re finished with their drawings, tell them how good the drawings are and proceed to frame it. After framing it, hang it over the same wall the kid was once trying to ruin. This little act will go a long way in boosting the kids’ confidence.

Invest in a Wooden Dining Table

wooden tables with chairs

Veneer or laminated table options might sound cheap and durable; however, that isn’t the case. Once the outer sheet starts to fade off, there’s no going back. The same goes for glass tables; you might be tempted to buy one considering they might be easy to clean but bear in mind that they can be scratched and damaged easily as well.

It is always better to invest in a solid wooden table when you have kids around. There are several benefits to it, such as; it can be cleaned easily, it can be repaired and buffed; it is safe for children as it doesn’t have any sharp edges.

Make Your Own Decoration Objects

Yes, going to the market and picking up stuff for home décor sounds way more manageable than investing hours in trying to create a good piece. Yet it is possible to make your own decoration objects by learning from tutorials on the internet.

If DIY isn’t your thing, then maybe you should start going out more often; you might find rocks, feathers, or even leaves that can be cleaned and placed as a décor piece. It can be a fun and learning activity to make DIY décor stuff or find it from outside.

Blackboard Wall Sheets

One of the best ways to ensure that your kids avoid treating the walls as a place to draw is to invest in blackboard wall sheets. They can be easily purchased from hardware stores and are dirt cheap.

Installing and removing them is easy, as well. Just make sure to place the blackboard inside the kids’ room so that they can have all the creative freedom they want without damaging your beautiful walls with their crayons.

You can teach them how to clean the blackboard after use, which will make them responsible and punctual.You can also opt for large canvas papers in case your kids don’t like to use the chalk and love crayons.

Patterned Rugs

a woman doing yoga with her daughter on her back; there is a sofa, a table, and a plant in the background

If you’re someone who likes having rugs in their house, then it’ll be a great idea to get a patterned rug. Kids do all sorts of stuff that can cause damage to normal rugs; however, that isn’t the case with the patterned rugs.

Patterned rugs can minimize the impact of spilled juice and other stuff. Plus, they can be cleaned easily as well and go along with every kind of room setup.

Place the Toys and Books in a Creative Way

Kids love when their favorite stuff is well within their reach, and they don’t have to ask you to get it. Make sure to have designated shelves and places in your house where you can keep their stuff. Also, make sure that there are no glass or wooden doors on your shelves, as the kid trying to reach it might end up hurting him/herself.

Place the books so that their cover art is well visible, and all toys are well within reach. You can adjust the books and toys according to the liking of your kids. Some kids might only be interested in toys, whilst some might be bookwormsby birth.


While the ideas discussed above are a great start for kid-friendly decorating, you will find that kids grow up fast, and their interests change even faster. Once you get the hang of safe ways of decoration, you will be able to figure out what works best for your home.