Decorating with Washboards

A washboard is a piece of equipment that is used for hand washing garments. The rubbing is analogous to pounding the garments or rubbing them on rocks, but it is kinder to the fabric than either of those methods. It is also comparable to the action that a washing machine does when washing clothes, either with the central agitator that is found on top-loading machines or with the drum and ridges that are found on front-loading machines. Washing clothes by hand was becoming less prevalent towards the end of the 20th century, which resulted in the washboard’s secondary function as a musical instrument being more well-known. However, the utility of washboards does not end here; on the contrary, there are a great many ways in which washboards can be used to decorate.

The following is a sample of it:

1. Washboard and Bathtub Decoration from an Antique


These wonderful historical washboards bring true decorative appeal to modern laundry facilities, while also serving to remind us of how washing clothes was done in bygone eras. Modern laundry rooms tend to be clean and efficient.

2. Decoration for the Advent Calendar consisting of a Washboard


To accomplish this, please follow these steps:

  • Apply Chalk Paint on MDF surfaces.

The first step is to paint the wreath that says “family.” Did you ever do the finger painting activity when you were younger, like when you were in kindergarten? I most certainly did, and now we’re going to revisit the topic in a creative way! Already, we have begun the process of painting the MDF snowflakes.

  • Adorn the Washboard with Decorations.

I’ve switched to a brush so that I can apply Dixie Belle’s Pearlescent glaze to the snowflakes and Family, which will give them a lovely glitter. Let’s add some metallic finishes on that while it dries, shall we? Transfer foil is what I’m using for the silver accent, while Gemstone Mousse in Golden Gem is what I’m employing to create the gold. In all candor, I really wish I had some Diamond Gemstone Mousse since it would have made everything so much easier while maintaining its stunning appearance.

  • Scrub the Washboard well.

To effectively clean the washboard, you will need to pry off two planks that have been attached to the rear in order to obtain access to the glass in its entirety. Applying glass cleaner will remove years’ worth of grime.

  • Put together the washboard decoration.

Now we get to the exciting part of the plan! Collect some twine, some glittery laser tape, and some miniature clothespins made of wood.

3. Washboard Decoration and a Hanger for the Missing Socks

The procedure is as follows:

To begin, install a huge hook into the metal bucket so that it may be held. Before putting the hook into the top center of the antique washboard, you need first drill a pilot hole there. As part of the decoration for my washboard, I intend to stuff dryer lint into this pail. Simply one of the numerous things I envisioned it being able to hold!

After that, you should mark locations for the screws at the very bottom part of the washboard. From that point on, I hand-screwed a wire basket into place after drilling many shallow pilot holes. This will be used for miscellaneous items such as spare change, receipts, etc. Basically whatever I uncover when searching the pockets of my clothes right before dumping them in the washer. And the answer is that you should use the screwdriver for it. Even though the ancient wood was pliable enough for a screwdriver, I could have used my drill to make pilot holes and then join the pieces together.

For the cherry on top, finish off the look of your washboard with a holder for misplaced socks. Because I had used them in some of my past projects, I had a lot of vintage clothespins left over, and they were the perfect accessory for this one. Therefore, I affixed a clothespin to each side of the antique washboard using some adhesive. And that was the end of it!

And there you have it, a washboard that serves dual purposes as both a decorative accent and an useful component in my laundry area. A place to store pocket treasures, a holder for stray socks, and a holder for lint to prevent me from having to make repeated trips to the kitchen carrying lint in my hand. Putting a couple of D-ring hangers on the back of it will make it simple to hang it wherever, including in my washing room. What a fantastic thing! It’s adorable and whimsical, which is perfect for a laundry room, but it also serves its purpose! AND you only need a few minutes to complete it; there is no waiting for paint to dry or a lot of hard work required in any way.

4. Wall Art Featuring a Washboard

Wall Art

Instead of putting historic washboards on the wall one at a time, you can create a cohesive piece of wall art by attaching multiple washboards together. All of the “legs” were removed to ensure that the bottom edge was flush, and mending bracing were affixed to the rear in order to link the washboards together at the sides. I had to force myself to get over the notion that I was destroying the washboards and instead think of what I was doing as upcycling the washboards into a piece of wall art for the laundry room. In the end, I won’t be making use of them; they’re just there for aesthetic purposes and an easy affordable décor hack

5. A Decoration for the Bathroom

The Farmer’s Daughter over at The Country Farm Home has given us a peek into her bathroom, which is decorated in the charming country cottage style. She has created an interesting arrangement by placing two vintage washboards and several clothespins inside of an antique washtub.

6. A Piece of Wall Art for the Washroom

The idea for the wall art that Courtney Carmean used in her laundry room was published on the blog A Diamond in the Stuff. This piece of wall art that says “Wash” was crafted by her using two repurposed washboards and two wooden hangers to form the word.

7. Unique Photo Frames

An excellent tutorial on how to upcycle old washboards into picture frames suitable for displaying family photographs was provided by Country Living.

8. A Miniature Bench Constructed Out of Three Washboards

Miniature Bench

Christin Bjarnrud, who can be found on Pinterest, has provided a wonderful suggestion for anyone who have a knack for gardening and would like to have a potting table in their outdoor space. Simply reusing two or more washboards, you may fashion a compact potting bench similar to this one, which you can use when you are working in your garden.

9. Adorable Decoration for the Washroom/Laundry Area

Jeanne, who blogs at Bees Knees Bungalow, recently provided her readers with an adorable suggestion for a laundry room. She has hung a doll frock on a clothesline with miniature clothespins that is affixed to an old washboard in order to display it.