How to Choose a Dining Cutlery Set

Dining isn’t only about having a delicious and nutritious banquet in the comforts of your home. It is an experience. And you know what makes a great dining experience aside from good food? An excellent and quality cutlery set. 

There is a wide array of options for selecting the best dining flatware that perfectly suits your needs and taste. Cutlery sets range from reasonably priced silverware that take care of your everyday dining needs to expensive, sophisticated cutleries that would surely impress your valuable guests.

Choosing a good flatware set that matches your personality and style can be as tricky as it gets with many things you have to consider before making such a decision. Generally, a great cutlery set should have a good weight and balance when held. It should also be smooth and comfortable to grip, and above all, brings satisfaction in everyday use. Read more, for we will talk more about the things we have to keep in mind when selecting our very own cutlery set.


When buying stuff for your home, set your priorities into choosing the best and high-quality. What makes quality cutlery? At face value, good quality flatware gives off a glowing, mirrored surface. When held, these cutleries feel just right and balanced and do not strain the hands when used. On the contrary, low-quality cutlery may feel light, imbalanced, and dull.

When choosing your priced cutlery from your trusted brands, here’s what you should remember:

  1. The inside edges of the fork tines should be smooth and free of ridges and scratch-like surfaces.
  2. When you can see a smooth image reflection on your silverware, it means that it is well polished by hand and made of substantial materials that could make it last a long time.
  3. Quality cutlery necessarily feels a little weighty. If it feels light, it is most probably low-quality.
  4. A good quality cutlery set is complete, with all pieces included.


cutleries on a drawer

1. Stainless Steel: Affordable and Decent

Stainless steel, silver plate, and sterling silver are the three best picks in manufacturing a quality cutlery set. If you are shopping for a decent, affordable collection that does great in both formal and casual dinners, then stainless steel is your easy winner. The material is proven sturdy and easy to maintain.

Stainless steel comes in different grades described using digits. So you may find yourself looking at 18/10, 18/8, and 18/0 stainless steel when you shop for your stainless steel cutlery and probably wonder what those digits ever mean. Well, these digits indicate the material’s compositions, specifically chromium and nickel. These two components determine the sturdiness, look, and rust and corrosion resistance of the material. Chromium provides hardness and strength, while nickel gives the material corrosion resistance and a shiny look. For instance, 18/10 means that it has 18% chromium and 10% nickel in it. Hence, the higher the value, the better its quality, such that 18/10 is better than 18/0. A 24-piece stainless steel set’s price ranges from around $20 – $500.

2. Silverware: Pricey and Worth It

Silverplate and sterling silver are your next bet if you want to own a cutlery set that is so glamourous, it turns a simple dinner into more like a special occasion. Silverwares are high-quality material that could last for several generations – a perfect heirloom indeed. Moreover, silverwares are pricier than stainless steel for all the good reasons. 

Silverwares are low-maintenance, contrary to the common myth that it is otherwise. But, it is a precious possession, nonetheless, and you have to take care and polish it once in a while. They are also surprisingly sturdy and develop a gorgeous patina over time that only legit silverware can do. 

Silver coatings in silverwares come in varying amounts as well. These are measured in microns. When shopping for your set, make sure to check the amount of silver your coating has. As a rule of thumb, a micron of silver equals about one year of regular use, so the higher the value, the longer your silverware’s lifespan is. Hence, you cannot expect silver cutlery with less than 1 micron to last a lifetime. Silverware sets can be pretty expensive.  A 56-piece silver-plated set can cost about $3500, while a sterling silver set can get around $25,000.

knives and forks on a brown table


Aftercare for your cutlery is necessary to maintain its sturdiness and original luster. Proper handling, washing, and drying are keys to keeping your flatware free of corrosion and dullness.

Observe proper soaking, washing, and drying techniques to prevent harmful chemicals from stripping off their luster and natural resistance to corrosion. Please take note that some food such as vinegar, salts, eggs, and other acids can stain and leave marks on your cutlery when exposed for long periods, so rinse them all before soaking them into your dishwasher. Keep them from moist and damp conditions as they may cause staining. After washing, these cutleries need to be patted dry by soft lint-free cloth and never be left to dry naturally as some chemicals in the water and detergent can also stain your silverware.

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