Guide to Planning Your Family Vacation

Having a short escape from the hustle and bustle of work and home is not that bad; in fact, experts recommend having some outdoor leisure time with your family once in a while to boost productivity. It is helpful to help you and your family loosen up and recharge – away from the stress of being stuck at work and home.

The planning stage is everything when deciding to have a family vacation. Planning determines how your entire trip would turn out and how it will cost you, especially when you are on a tight budget. So what do you need to know while planning on your well-deserved family vacay? Well, spare yourself from stressing about that, as we have a guide that will surely make your family trip a success.


Some say “that it is not about the place, it’s the company.” Well, bluntly speaking, even if you are with your loved ones, a lousy place kind of ruins everyone’s mood, especially if you only get to have an outdoor bonding once in a blue moon. 

When choosing a destination, consider your family’s preference, the kind of experience they want to have, the nature of relaxation you are looking for, and of course, the amount of money you are willing to spend. For instance, if your family wants to go on a summer escapade, going to a beach that your family agrees to can be your option.

five adults on a raft boat


If you plan to visit different places during your vacation, then a detailed itinerary can be pretty handy. Plotting your route and stops helps you mentally visualize what will happen to your trip. It also helps maximize the time during your actual trip because you have already decided upon the most straightforward route and the specific places you want to visit. Having an itinerary also reduces the likelihood of arguing with your wife or husband or getting lost in the area because you already knew where you were headed.


Plan out for your family vacation ahead to give you enough time to decide upon the date and save enough money when you need to. Set your family trip on a date that is convenient to most of your family members. Doing so will ensure that the planned outdoor bonding does not disrupt anything significant on their schedule. For example, you can have your vacation of a weekend, a holiday, or during spring breaks and winter vacations where your kids won’t have to worry about missing some essential school works. It also helps clear your mind and focus on enjoying the moment of your vacation because you know you have no other commitments on those dates.

a father skiing with his child, the mother follows behind


Defining your budget beforehand would greatly help you decide about things involved in your vacation. If you don’t have your budget ready yet, you can still save up until you are sure that it would be enough for your grand escapade. There are different things you should take note of when allocating your budget. These are accommodation, transportation, foods and beverages, side trips, and sometimes, souvenirs.

Assuming you have a family car, there shouldn’t be any worries at all except that you have to check it first for possible issues. You also have to consider fuel top-ups as part of your budget if the destination requires to. If you don’t have one, you can find car rentals almost anywhere. 

There is an endless variety over the internet when looking for decent accommodation. Your job is to make sure you choose an affordable and convenient one; that is, it is near the place you plan to visit and stores and shops so that you can buy food and stuff ready when you need them.

Sometimes, your family vacation would sway a little off the track, and you find yourself on an unexpected side trip. Considering this as you define your budget prepares you for these kinds of random excursions.


Apart from your OOTDs and swimwear, there are still many things that you have to prioritize before your family outing. While family trips are exhilarating, it entails many risks as well, especially if you or your kids have health issues like allergies and chronic diseases that need immediate medical attention in case of an episode. So before packing your bags and setting off on your anticipated family trip, make sure that you have everything covered regarding your family’s health and wellbeing.

For instance, if you have allergies, bring all the necessary meds with you. Secure a first aid kit and medical supplies such as bandages, alcohol, antacids, painkillers, and tabs that alleviate diarrhea.  If you are going on a beach, make sure you have sunscreen to protect your family’s skin against the harmful and adverse effects of the sun. When processing your accommodation, you can give specific instructions to the staff about certain foods that may not be advisable for your family member’s health condition.

It is always advisable to see your doctor for consultation and approval if you or your family member had a persisting medical concern. Again, leisure time with the family is well-deserved, but their health and safety should always come first.