Farmhouse Lifestyle Ideas: A New Trend in Luxury

If people think farmhouse designs would eventually go out-of-style, well, they are probably just being salty. Even with today’s fast modernization of lifestyle and house designs, farmhouse style still catches most people’s attention. It’s just as stunning as it is before. It’s still one of the prime choices of class interior designers and luxury homeowners.

Inevitably, technology has become a permanent addition to home designs and architecture, making most homes feel robotic and less personal. That is where the farmhouse style became more relevant and eye-catchy than ever before. Although, no one expects an unlikely union between modern and old techniques until it kind of ‘happened.’ Today, we can see farmhouse style in highly modernized homes and realize that two can go perfectly well together. Farmhouse style brings us back to an ‘old house’ vibe while still enjoying the luxury of modern technology. 

Like everyone else, we want to live in a place where we can find safety and comfort while enjoying an elegant vibe and slick style. Fortunately, in this article, we will talk about how to make your house get a little more chic and comfy with the touch of that old, rustic farmhouse ambiance. So here are some farmhouse lifestyle ideas to make your home luxurious.


The more natural light, the more positive and inviting the space will be in a modernized house. Natural light is a feature of farmhouse style. Most modern houses tend to be square and box-like, making them look more like a prison than a home. Redesigning your place and letting in as more natural light as possible will help make your home feel open and vibrant. 

Having wide-framed windows that match your walls will illuminate the dark areas of your home and dissipates that feeling of uneasiness and being ‘caged.’ It will also make your house light and airy as if it, too, ‘breathe,’ increasing that sense of positivity and productivity in your living space.


a room with a wide window and light-colored floor

You can never go wrong with neutral colors when designing your luxury home. Neutral colors not only exude simplicity but also makes your house look sophisticated, slick, and contemporary. For instance, when picking furniture, pick a color that goes together with the color of your light-colored wall and other furniture. Creatively play with different monochromatic shades that suit your eyes because, after all, you are the one who’s going to see them every single day! You can also explore different shades of fall colors. Of course, you can experiment with other elements such as contrasts and hues. 

As for the flooring, you can use light shaw laminate flooring instead of dark ones. Doing so will give your house an instant contemporary aura.


Never underestimate the sophistication of natural elements such as exposed wood beams, stone fixtures, and accents – these tiny details all make up an excellent farmhouse-style vibe in your modern home. Decorate your area with natural elements that go by the same shades of color to evoke that rustic atmosphere you have always wanted. But, of course, there is beauty in imperfections, too. You can take advantage of organic, asymmetrical, slightly twisted ornaments as they give off personality and unusual charm. Just a quick note, though: don’t overdo it. Use these elements as sparingly as possible so that it does its job of providing textures here and there while not distracting the eye. 


rustic wooden planks

Reclaimed wood is a central defining element of a farmhouse style that gives off something comforting about the rustic color that it blends even with modern fittings. It may be because reclaimed woods provide various textures to the house’s interior that add to the aesthetics and entertain the artistic eyes. It gives the place a vintage look, creating a timeless comfort zone with a touch of modern slickness.


Shiplap paneling is another farmhouse style that looks gorgeous – even if you deny it. Shiplap panels are sliding wood planks, placed together side-by-side, mostly horizontally. Having a shiplap panel design in the walls of your home highlights the length of your home – even create an illusion of a more expansive space, actually. The good thing about these planks is that they create patterns that can give more definition and aesthetic to your barren walls. Of course, wide, white walls can be great as it is, but having additional elements such as these lines may not be a bad idea.


Some contrasting things may not go well together, well, not if you do it right. For instance, if you went by heavy, exposed beams (farmhouse style) in your home, you can offset it by choosing some modern, more refined furnishings that are simple and neutrally colored, and free of patterns and textures. You can also decide on accents that give off subtle textures to go by your neutral colored walls to bring out the contrast.