How to Stay Positive When Things Go Wrong

Some people think it’s like they are being doomed or born with so much misfortunes on their side. Things don’t happen according to their plans. Well, nobody can entirely control what will happen today or sees what tomorrow brings.

No one is exempted from having bad days, perhaps, weeks, months, or so. There are problems after problems, and it seems like they’re unending. Your business, relationship, personal life, and even health are all on a negative side. It’s really tough and going on might be the least and the last option you have.

a portrait of a man looking problematic and confused

Things are always easier said than done, but when things get wrong, you cannot escape them by drowning yourself with alcohol, being down every day, not taking care of yourself and your family, or not attending to your work. Yes, you are stuck on that dark path of your journey. What then can you do to help yourself?

Here are some tips and things to remember to stay positive when it feels like everything is going wrong.


Your problems are already there, and the next move is in your hands. The power to choose your direction is in your control. Instead of wasting your energy, time, and resources running away from your problems, choose to face them and do something to solve them one by one. No matter how small the progress may seem, if you keep moving forward and fixing things, eventually, all the troubles will be disentangled.

Slowly embrace the habit of positivity. Practice focusing your energy on positive directions, as it helps you attract good things. It will also empower you and make you feel that you live with a purpose, and things happen for reasons beyond your comprehension.


Certain events in life are inevitable, like death. It truly is painful and sorrowful losing someone dear to you, a friend, a family, or even pets. When inevitable things happen, some people have faster coping with the loss because they have accepted the reality that death is natural and it’s part of the human nature.

Meanwhile, some events or circumstances happen unexpectedly. We often label them as “unlucky days”. One best thing to do is stop mentally labelling events as good or bad; just let it be.

Acceptance gives inner peace. Once you have accepted the situation, it opens and clears your mind from strong resistance. Allow things to happen rather than resisting them, and when it becomes a habit, you’ll find yourself calmly thinking of the practical solutions for problems that used to be overwhelming.


Sometimes we tend to overthink and dwell on the negativity rather than the chances and possibilities of changing the situation. Pause, and re-evaluate your thoughts. The moment that you do not rush things and clear out your head, you can easily recognize unhealthy thoughts and address them.

Always question your negative thoughts and practice-changing them to more positive statements and actions. There is strength in the right thinking and the right words. The more you think negatively, the more negative things will happen. Choose to think and speak words that invite growth, healing, prosperity, blessings, happiness, and peace.

Let go of the negative thoughts that upset you and embrace the positivity that gives you more benefits.


Nothing can easily break a grateful heart. Whenever you find things to be thankful for, despite your circumstances, it will give you a broader perspective that can lighten your feeling when you are overwhelmed by difficult situations.

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Count your blessing, not your troubles. Having a heart filled with gratitude brings more joy into your life.


Your friends, family, or closest colleague can give you pieces of advice or suggestions on how to deal with your problems. However, your decision will still matter the most and will be responsible for bringing you into another direction.

Other people have their own biases, so it’s still good to listen to your inner voice – wisdom, intuition, gut feeling, soul, spirit, heart, and your faith. If you can’t trust yourself, you will never be confident with every decision you will make.


With forgiveness comes acceptance. True forgiveness means you accept the reality of what happened without carrying grudges or emotional baggage. Forgive others that have contributed to the trouble or problem that you are facing. Forgive and do not blame yourself for not controlling things and seeing result the way you want them to be.

Mistakes are essential part of the learning process; forgive yourself if you have authored your mess. We all make mistakes. Forgiveness is the key to moving on.