Finding Luxury Farmhouse Designs

Luxury isn’t only about extravagant life – you may have it when you are constantly living comfortably and looking great while you are at it. When thinking about luxury houses, you usually think of huge three-story houses with glass windows and glass doors. They may also look like farmhouses which can be very cozy and elegant at the same time. 

Luxury Farmhouses have excellent designs that will fit any area – it may be in the suburbs or rural communities. They possess a simple yet elegant aura that will surely catch many passersby’s attention. 

Most farmhouse designs and floor plans have one thing in common – all of them feature a huge covered porch. If you search through luxury farmhouse designs, you will see that most of them have huge patios, large and tall windows, and most of them have wooden designs. These elements are not only for aesthetic purposes but also to provide great comfort to the people living in the house while being practical and stylish. 

Many luxury farmhouse designs look simple on the outside, but when you look inside, you will see elegant and luxurious-looking interiors that are worth your money. Some farmhouses are just in the right size, but there are also some extensive farmhouse designs if you like. Nevertheless, whatever size of your farmhouse will be, you are ensured of the cozy feel and nice ambiance your home will give. 

Large luxury farmhouse designs may exceed up to 8,000 square feet – perfect if you want a mansion with a farmhouse design that is not too intimidating for other people. The floor plans of these large farmhouse designs consist of several bedrooms, huge bathrooms, extra rooms, which you may use as an office, library, gym room, lounge area, and many more. 

Living in these luxury farmhouses means that comfort is felt inside the house and outdoors. Most farmhouse designs are equipped with balconies and patios with a vast lawn to do gardening or relax during your afternoon break. Aside from that, these farmhouses also have a huge backyard, parking garages, and outdoor kitchens. 

The good thing about these farmhouse designs is that you may modify and alter these designs for your liking. You can modify the farmhouse designs according to your specific needs but still have that same comfortable ambiance. 

If you still have no idea how to find a luxury farmhouse design suitable for you, you might want to consider these things to help you choose the best farmhouse design for you. 

What do you want in a home?

house with gray and brown interior

List the things you want for your luxury farmhouse. Write down all the features you want for your future home – it may be a grand staircase, huge master’s bedroom, an elegant wooden fireplace, expansive parking garage, name it. Think of all the ideas you have in your head because it will be beneficial in finding the luxury farmhouse design for you. 

Do extensive research about the elements you want to have in your farmhouse. You may also look for inspiration on Pinterest, magazines, and other house design websites. Just list everything you want in your house and worry about how feasible it will be later. 

Farmhouse style

brick house with huge lawn

Determine the style you want for your future house. Since you opt for a luxury farmhouse design, you might want to go for a ranch-style home. Most luxurious farmhouse designs have wood designs or are made entirely of wood to retain that farm feel. 

Then you may also notice that most luxury farmhouse designs are in neutral shades – most are painted white and gray. The interior design of these farmhouses is also usually white combined with a wooden interior, or just mainly in the neutral color palette. 

Know that when you build your own luxury farmhouse, you have the power to choose the farmhouse design of your liking. You may base it on your style or the needs for your future house. However, it is essential to decorate your home the way you like to feel the joy and comfort of living inside your farmhouse.

The style you want for your house will also impact the house plan, so be ready for some changes and limitations on your preferred farmhouse design. And while you may think that your heart and mind are already fixed on one particular farmhouse design, you might want to allow yourself to explore more luxury farmhouses. Look for more inspiration and evaluate which farmhouse design may be the best for you and your family. 

Be practical

After taking your time getting some inspiration and designing your future home, here is when practicality enters. This is the time when you will decide whether or not the farmhouse design of your choice is feasible. This is when you will think if what you want is practical and necessary. 

You want to consider so much before settling on a farmhouse design. Ask yourself whether the house features you want are your needs or only your wants? Would they be a necessity? Would your significant other and your children approve the farmhouse design of your choice? 

Aside from that, it is also crucial to consider the place where you want to live, the building codes in your area, and how much money you can afford to spend on your house. Remember that you can still achieve your dream luxury farmhouse design while being practical. You must think of a farmhouse design that is still feasible and possible to accomplish. 

Determine your lot size

The lot size is a crucial thing to consider, especially when you still do not have land for your house. Before starting your luxury farmhouse, your lot size is an important consideration. It will be of great help when you begin creating your house plan.

Some places have specific requirements regarding the minimum and maximum lot sizes. Usually, these requirements depend on your area’s zoning regulations and local ordinances. To determine the ideal lot size for your luxury farmhouse, you may want to hire a contractor to get an accurate estimate.

Consider your budget

woman budgeting her money

Even if you have a lot of money to spend, it is still essential to consider your budget and be practical when building your farmhouse. Budgeting is something you don’t want to take lightly. 

When building your house, you want to consider many things – construction permits, hiring your engineers, architects, interior designers, and contractors, hidden costs, and unexpected expenses that you will encounter throughout the entire building process. Yes, building a house, especially when you want it to be a luxury farmhouse, can be very expensive. 

Take a moment to look at your budget and possible expenses so that you can choose a farmhouse design that your budget can afford. You may seek help from knowledgeable people in the field, or you may also get help from a financial professional to aid you in determining how much money you will spend for your luxury farmhouse.