Hand Sewing or Machine Sewing: Which is Better?

Hand Sewing versus Machine Sewing

We can accomplish a large number of similar outcomes in the case of sewing by hand or machine, however every method likewise has a few advantages and disadvantages. Designs are generally intended to be sewn by machine, while most weaving designs are finished by hand. Here are some sewing tips for when and for what reason to handle your sewing ventures by hand or with a machine.

hands with needle sewing

What are the possible Advantages of Hand Sewing?

1. Extraordinary for amateurs

Everything you require to sew by hand is a needle and single string. It doesn’t take any trend setting innovation, costly apparatus, or extravagant aptitudes. It’s an extraordinary prologue to sewing for fledglings to find out about line development. While there are more convoluted by-hand fastens, everything you require to realize how to do an essential running line is string the needle and tie a bunch on the end.

2. Versatile

For some, hand-sewing ventures, you can carry your sewing with you, regardless of whether you’re going or simply need to get a couple of additional join in on your regularly scheduled drive. While it’s really difficult to carry a sewing machine any place you go, many hand sewing ventures, especially weaving, can be hefted around.

3. Reflective

Part of the delights of sewing by hand is simply the demonstration of sewing. This can be valid for machine sewing too. There is something quieting and thoughtful about taking up a needle and string and sewing by hand.

4. Exactness

Hand sewing gives you the most control, consequently why it is incredible for littler activities, enhancement, and fixes. You can pick precisely where the lines go, the length of the lines, and precisely how you need to connect texture. There are likewise various sorts of hand join you can use from inclining fastens with whipstitch to the beautifying edge line cover line.

Disadvantages of Hand Sewing


There is no real way to make all hand lines a similar length and separation separated, and keeping in mind that sewing by hand can frequently offer more accuracy, the precision of the join will never be equivalent to a machine-sewn thing.


There’s no uncertainty about it – sewing by hand takes a ton of time. What can take just merely seconds on a sewing machine can regularly take hours when done by hand.

What kind of Sewing Best-Suited to Hand Sewing?


Sewing by hand permits you a great deal of control so in case you’re hoping to fix a little tear or reattach a catch, sewing by hand is the best approach.

Weaving and cross-join

Decorative lines like chain line, backstitch, and whipstitch are just feasible by hand. While many sewing machines have weaving capacities, many sewing specialists find doing weaving fun and value the curses regularly innate in a hand-weaved piece. Twist up with some tea and appreciate a hand-sewn weaving venture.

Connecting patches or appliqués

Whether you need another fix on your knapsack or pants or you’re applying an embellishing appliqué, hand sewing is the most ideal alternative here, as you have the most control to join the thing in the manner you need.

Imperceptible sewing

If you’re hoping to join a coating, sew on a blanket official, or simply do some sewing, sewing by hand can assist you with accomplishing the most consistent and undetectable fastens.

Fastens and zippers

While buttonholes should be sewn by machine, catches are normally appended by hand, as it is a lot simpler. Zippers can be joined by machine with a unique presser foot, however hand-sewing is likewise an extraordinary choice for ensuring the zipper situation is precise and the crease is less noticeable.

Treat texture

Basting is the cycle of incidentally joining to bits of texture. This helps when the texture is dangerous, similar to silk and rayon, and might slide under the presser foot and conceivably twist the creases. While a treating fasten should be possible on the machine by expanding the join length, a basic straight running line done by hand can without much of a stretch season bits of texture together.

Sewing machine

What are the possible Advantages of Machine Sewing?

While the nuts and bolts of sewing by machine and sewing by hand stay steady it requires a needle and string there are numerous distinctions to machine sewing. For one, in machine sewing, there are discrete strings utilized, a top string from a spool and a base string from the bobbin. A few machines have a needle threaded, while others require the sewing to string by hand. Machine needles are not the same as hand sewing needles, and a few machines require various needles to append to the system.


There’s no uncertainty that sewing by machine takes far less time than sewing by hand. You can complete machine sewn creases very quickly.


Once you get a hang of how to utilize your sewing machine stringing the bobbin, utilizing the presser foot, and so on. Machine sewing is incredibly advantageous and an extraordinary method to finish undertakings, everything being equal. You simply need to gain proficiency with the set up first.


Sewing machines bear the cost of a degree of demonstrable skill with join length and line width that is difficult to accomplish when sewing by hand. A straight lockstitch, the most widely recognized mechanical join, must be accomplished on a machine, for instance. While hand sewing may be better for little exact ventures like catches, machine sewing with get you the most precise straight line conceivable. Many sewing machines likewise offer a few diverse line designs.

Disadvantages of Machine Sewing

Financial Basis

New home sewing machines can be very costly, however some less expensive, lower-quality adaptations exist available for further developed and expert sewers, a serger, a machine that makes locking fastens to complete creases and texture edges, can add to the expense.

 Learning to Operate Machine

It can require a significant stretch of time to figure out how to utilize your sewing machine. From trying different things with various join to stringing the machine, and figuring out how to oversee both the spool to the bobbin string, it takes some training to ace machine sewing procedures. It’s a smart thought to take a class or have a companion or relative give you the general tour. Additionally, make a point to peruse the guidance manual so you know the intricate details of your machine to maintain a strategic distance from missteps or possible injury.

Hard to control

Yes you can get proficient level join, however it tends to be marginally harder to control your line position with a machine. Progressed sewers that have been working with their machine for quite a long time unquestionably have more control than apprentices, yet it frequently takes a ton of training to accomplish flawlessness on a sewing machine.

What Kind of Sewing Best-Suited Machine Sewing?

Ready to Wear Clothes

You can sew an article of clothing by hand, yet it will take some time and the creases won’t look as expert and spotless as they would on a machine. Sewing machines permit you the crisscross line for polishing off creases, which shields them from fraying, and a perfect straight join to give your thing the best look.


Seam recompenses, the separation between the crease and the crude edge of the texture, are vital in knitting, as a predictable crease remittance will ensure the entirety of your interwoven squares and triangles line up impeccably. Machine sewing permits you to figure the crease stipend.


Sewing a buttonhole by hand is a superfluously troublesome endeavor, on account of the accuracy, little size, and precision required. Sewing machines, then again, convey perfect, careful buttonholes (when aligned appropriately).

Does Time Constraint matter A lot?

Sewing machines are without a doubt quicker than hand sewing, that’s simply true. A few crawls of lines that may take you an hour to finish would just take a couple of moments to do on a machine. In any case, that doesn’t imply that utilizing a machine is a definitive sewing strategy. A few people approach their sewing ventures as their reflection and like to truly take as much time as necessary. It’s somewhat similar to weaving, that way. Furthermore, when you increase some hand sewing experience, you may even wind up working quicker. Despite the fact that, obviously, you’ll never be anyplace close as quickly as a machine.

Can Hand Sewing Beat Machine Sewing?

All things considered, you’d have the option to control each line. With a machine, you can control the material a cycle. Be that as it may, machines commit errors constantly. At the point when they’re completely operational, they permit us to complete our work all the more rapidly.

Basically, in the event that you have to run a straight fasten, utilize a machine. Be that as it may, in case you’re managing something more private, similar to an embellishing fasten, you should get a thimble now. Hand sewing is likewise an all the more for the most part helpful expertise to have. Not every person has a sewing machine. Notwithstanding, everybody can have a little sewing pack at home, on the off chance that something needs repairing. Hand join are in reality more solid too since they don’t unwind as effectively as machine lines.

At last, a few people may state that hand sewing can constrain you to be more present when you’re making something. It fundamentally drives you to empty your essence into an undertaking. We’re sure that every individual who sees the completed item will have the option to detect the affection that went into it.

Perfecting Hand Sewing Like Machine Sewing

In the event that you need your hand sewing to look completely great, you’ll need to ace two sewing procedures:  Basting and backstitching. Treating resembles a line of runs with spaces in the middle of them. These are normally impermanent fastens that give you where to sew or manage a material. Backstitching is a full line, so you’d make a column of fastens. A fasten will start precisely where you finished the last one.


Hand sewing is somewhat of a withering craftsmanship. The sewing machine has taken an errand like creation a shirt or breeches from an all-day occasion to an undertaking that just takes a couple of hours. Time is the significant distinction. We have gone from a general public in which sewing was a significant aspect of the family’s obligations, to a general public that depends on hardware to deliver our dress.

While machine sewing is a lot quicker and moderately advantageous, hand sewing can be similarly as sturdy and dependable. Unfortunately numerous join performed on a sewing machine are so like hand fastens. Both hand sewing and machine sewing use back sewing, running or treating line and top sewing. A huge distinction is the consideration given to delivering a piece of clothing with your own two hands. At the point when you put your time and assets into something, you need it to last and be superior to what you would actually purchase. Its work, yet exceptionally fulfilling. While hand sewing can successfully take care of business, present day machines that consolidate PC innovation proceed to advance and grow sewing openings.