How to Choose a Laser Level for Professional Use

For most people buying their first rotary laser level is a complicated situation. It is a device that is used to level surfaces but there is more to it. Construction workers and contractors etc. always use this device to measure the level of the surfaces, which needs to be corrected. With so many options available in the market, choosing the best one could be tricky and time-consuming.

In addition to that, there are several factors as well such as design, accuracy, and range that make selection even more difficult. Therefore, in this article, we are going to simplify the process for you as we discuss what you should consider when choosing a laser level for professional use. This guide intends to provide a detailed review of key factors that you should look out for when selecting a professional laser level.


The first thing you should consider when searching for the perfect rotary professional laser level is self-leveling. Rotary professional lasers have two components, a transmitter, and a receiver. The transmitter is mounted on the top of a tripod, which emits a beam by a spinning diode. The receiver on the other hand is mounted on a large ruler, rod, or grade, which detects the laser beam and indicated whether it is lower, high, or at level with the beam.

Furthermore, some cost-effective rotary laser levels feature bubble levels because they need to be leveled before the laser is sent out. However, high-end transmitter possesses the ability to level themselves within 4 to 5 degrees. You could go for the manual leveling laser levels but we would suggest purchasing the one that levels itself so that chances of error are eliminated.


When it comes to choosing a rotary laser level, accuracy is the second most important feature. High-end professional laser levels are tested by measuring distance around 30 to 100 feet. However, a machine that possesses such capability will be pricey. As you move up with the price brackets, you shall observe that expensive laser level machines will become more efficient and accurate. In the end, only a minute difference will remain.


As you shop for a professional laser level, keep in mind that the increase in range is directly proportional to the increase in price. Typically, you will find machines that will cover a distance between 1,000 and 2,000 feet. If you wish to go further than that, the price will increase, and more importantly, the accuracy will be affected. Furthermore, if you are measuring elevated surfaces that are quite far from each other, you will be needing a device that not only covers a long-range but is accurate as well.


Generally, professional laser levels are used at construction sites. These locations tend to be quite tough and dangerous sometimes. Therefore, equipment getting damaged is a regular scenario. The professional laser level you opt for should be tolerant of minor hits and accidents. The spinning diode of the transmitter’s laser is the most sensitive part of the laser level. It could be easily damaged if not covered or protected. Therefore, make sure that you choose a professional laser level that has an in-built defense like handles or rubber bumpers to absorb the impacts.

Rotational Speed

Professional laser levels are not only meant to be used outdoors but indoors as well. With that being said, you need to decide whether you would be using it indoors since considering the variable rotational speed is important. You might think that rotational speed is a strange option since the laser is supposed to spin quickly and detect all points around the circle with ease. But the thing is that while high-speed rotation allows the receiver to quickly and easily detect the laser, slow rotation on the other hand makes the laser more visible.

Although you will not be able to see the laser while you are working outdoors but when working indoors, the visibility of the laser is important, because in this case, you will not be using a receiver.

Rechargeable batteries

As already mentioned, professional laser level machines are expensive and when it comes to features, it makes a huge difference. This is not a $50 machine but something that ranges in thousands. Therefore, considering the features is important. One of them is rechargeable batteries. Opt for the one that recharges quickly and lasts long.

Beam Color

You might have thought of purchasing a laser level with a red beam is a good idea but over the past few years, the green color beam has been becoming more popular. The reason being that it is more visible and makes them a better tool for indoor uses. However, there are several drawbacks as well such as being power-hungry and they do not work in freezing temperatures. Plus, they are comparatively expensive as well, therefore, be vary of your choice.

Types of Lasers

Line Lasers

The most common type of laser leveling machine is a line laser. It emits an accurately horizontal or vertical illuminated line onto the surface at which the laser is pointed. They could be used both indoors and outdoors. Furthermore, line lasers also come with both red and green colored beams for you to choose from.

Spot Lasers

Spot lasers are different from line lasers in a way that they project a small circle in the spot where the laser is focused. These machines are used to transfer points. They are mostly used for electrical work, plumbing installation, and framing applications.

Combination Lasers

Combination lasers project both spots and lines either independently or simultaneously. Such types are used by professionals for professional purposes as they allow them to switch between lines and spots. Both plumbers and electricians could use them depending on the job at hand.

Rotary Lasers

Rotary lasers are used to kick start nearly every professional construction job. Mostly used for construction, rotary laser level spins to emit a beam of light. It consists of a receiver and transmitter to measure surfaces with accuracy. It is an advanced level machine that could be used for indoors and outdoors.

Final Word

The bottom line is that when you are out there looking for a professional laser level, consider accuracy and durability. Since these are expensive and heavy-duty machines, one should not compromise on these two features. Decide whether you would be using it indoors or outdoors. Once you have decided what you want, it is not upto your budget. Make sure that you do not hurry.