How to Make New Friends

Making new friends can be a challenge for most people because of a number of reasons. You can meet people but not make friends at all. You want to share your oil burner water bongs but you cannot do so. Some already have their own circle of friends and seem to conclude that they do not want to have new friends anymore. But people should connect to other people. Friends should be made wherever you may go. Here are tips on how to make new friends along the way.

Ways to Make New Friends

Join clubs

You can meet new people by joining clubs, forums, or any activity in your community that allow people to join. You do not have to spend money to meet people. If there are ways to just give you the opportunity to talk to people, you should take every effort to go to these meetings. Clubs and forums involve topics that you are already interested in. It will be easy for you to talk to another person in these settings because you already have a lot to share. You can start conversing about anything related to your topic in mind and people would just respond.

Do volunteer work

Having the same purpose also gives way for you to make new friends. If you love to help a particular non-government institution or a local animal shelter, you can go ahead and do volunteer work. You will meet new people in these areas because there are also other people who like pitching in to give assistance. You can meet new friends here. Since you have something in common, that is, doing volunteer work, you can have meaningful conversations from the get-go. You can even share your other volunteer endeavors which you can do together as friends.

Invite people to your home

You can open your home to people so that you can build some new relationships. Prepare parties that your officemates can enjoy. You can set up some good music, amazing food, a lot of oil burner water bongs, vibrant lighting, and liters of alcohol. This will allow you to meet people and develop friendships in the process. Alcohol can open people up. Even those people who do not speak regularly to others will be able to do so. If you belong to these kinds of people, you can drink up so that you can muster up the courage to have talks with your guests. Just be sure not to drink too much so that you will still be okay after the party.

Take a class

Another way to make new friends is to take a class. It can be a class that you can use to develop a skill in the office. It can also be just a hobby that you are willing to try. Those who are bold would go to classes for the sake of trying out new things. In these classes, you will be partnered with people for a better learning experience. You will be given a chance to chat with someone. Ask for their names and invite them for lunch or coffee to get to know them better.

Take a class


Being with people allows you to have an opportunity to make new friends. You can talk to them, share your thoughts, have coffee with them, enjoy oil burner water bongs with them, and even travel with them. You should take every effort to talk to someone when you get the chance. You may be with a best friend that you never had. He may be the one who will stick with you through everything that will come in the future. So give yourself a boost and start making new friends.