Learn About Three Rivers, Oregon

Do you know about the magical place in the United States, with a name as fresh as flowing water, that isn’t known by most? It’s called Three Rivers!

In a world so vast, and for a major part unknown, it is understandable to not know uncommon places such as Three Rivers. In fact, unless you’re a passionate explorer who travels the world in their RV or are actually living in Three Rivers Oregon, you can easily miss it. 

What exactly is this magical place called Three Rivers?

Located in the Deschutes County, Oregon US, Three Rivers is a very safe and small unincorporated town. With a population of only 4,516 people, Three Rivers enjoys a cozy atmosphere along with quiet seclusion. 

At the same time, the topography, wildlife, rivers, and the overall pleasant climate allow for thrilling outdoor recreational activities and an awe-inducing setting.

Yet, this magical place manifests certain drawbacks. For instance, in comparison to the rest of the United States, the living and housing cost there is 10.1% higher than the country’s average living cost. Furthermore, Three Rivers is also characterized by isolation and a lack of art and culture.

However, owing to the close proximity to the Bend i.e, the Three Rivers Bend Oregon, it makes up for some of its lackings. The maximum 20 to 25 minutes drive takes people to the contemporary world of culture and excitement in the town of Bend, offering them the best of both worlds. 

The Charm of its Name: Three Rivers

This town derives its name from the three rivers flowing through it: Deschutes River, Little Deschutes River, and Spring River. Having three rivers offers the people living in Three Rivers Oregon access to breathtaking sceneries and many exciting water-based activities. 

Not only does this add to the essence of the town but allows residents a captivating lifestyle and an ideal location to spend their time. 

The extraordinary experience of living in Three Rivers Oregon

The community of Three Rivers comprises diverse neighborhoods which all differ in their costliness. As such, the lifestyle depends on the neighborhood you belong to. 

For instance, the neighborhood of Sunriver contains almost all basic facilities; markets for grocery shopping, restaurants with dine-out services, a post office, churches, and schools. So most of the daily life needs are fulfilled. However, at times traveling to Bend becomes important.

Certain facilities are only found in Three Rivers Bend Oregon, such as hospitals. Although Sunriver has medical clinics, but the nearest big hospital is situated in Bend. Moreover, high schools are predominantly located in Bend.

What makes living in Three Rivers even more charming are the beautiful homes. Houses are often furnished with personal docks or have access to the river. Doesn’t living in a home with access to rivers and a breathtaking view of mountains and wildlife sound just perfect?

Exciting things to do in Three Rivers Oregon

Three Rivers has something to offer for everyone. It attracts those with an adventurous spirit and those with a passion to serve the community. For example, while elderly people can engage in pickleball, volunteer work, and quilting groups, etc., the youth can take part in more action-packed activities like skiing! Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best pickleball paddle review from a reputable site, visit the given link. 

One of the best things about living in Three Rivers Oregon is you get to enjoy and savor every season to the fullest! 

Come winter season and you can traverse the frozen landscape of Central Oregon or even make your way to the top-notch ski resort of Mt. Bachelor’s which also has a large space for snowmobiles. Arrive summer and you have newer options like river floating, hiking, discovering waterfalls, etc. 

In case you’re up for a more city-based fun experience, you can always go to Bend and catch a movie or listen to a live band playing in the Les Schwab Amphitheater. From a fancy dining experience to casual street festivals, Bend fulfills all your contemporary desires. 

Why is Three Rivers the ideal place for you to live?

Learn About Three Rivers, Oregon

If you are thinking of giving the off-grid lifestyle a chance, Three Rivers can be the perfect place for you!

Residing behind the gated Three Rivers Recreational Area is a community living off the grid. Without even a single phone or power connection, the community proudly and happily lives off the telephone and electrical grid. In fact, until cell phones came into existence, CB radios were the primary mode of communication. 

Due to the lack of electricity, there are not many wells in the area as there is not enough power to pump water from them. People either bring their own water or pay the resident neighbors of Three Rivers to hire trucks in order to get water tankers. 

Furthermore, this alternative way of living is characterized by harnessing solar and wind power and using fuel generators. Secondly, by benefits such as copious and exotic wildlife, an abundance of privacy, plenty of different water sports, hiking facilities, and many other things. 

This lack of utilities is a charm for those who desire the off-grid and independent lifestyle. However, the best part about living off-grid in Three Rivers is that if you ever miss modern life, Bend is just a few minutes away! Whatever you desire, you can find the perfect outlet for it in Bend.

Enchanting places in Three Rivers Oregon

Learn About Three Rivers, Oregon

There is a lot to see and plentiful things to do in Three Rivers Oregon. Here’s a list of some of the places you can explore.

Spectacular Attractions:

  • Tokopah Falls
  • Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks
  • The Presidente Tree
  • Foothills Visitor Center
  • Three Rivers Brewing

Riveting Outdoor Activities:

  • Twin Lakes Trail
  • Slick Rock Recreation Area
  • Kaweah Whitewater Adventures
  • Wild Cave Tours
  • Mountain Descents

So, what are you waiting for?

This article can never encapsulate the extraordinary life in Three Rivers to the fullest. Besides, some surprises are better experienced in person! Now that you know about this magical land, it would be a shame to let the knowledge go to waste. It’s time to plan your next vacation!