Famous Comedians Known for Their Witty Humor

a comedian performing on stage

A life without humor is an unworthy life. No matter how stern a person is, they will eventually need some moments to laugh their hearts out. What’s interesting about humor is that you don’t necessarily need to have a huge laugh – a simple smile can act as a relaxant. Since ancient … Read more

Witty Comedians from Around the World

people at theater

Being smart or funny is the choice of personality to be the center of attraction amid a crowd. We can’t deny that life has its favorites by creating a unique set of people who happen to have the best of both worlds, a third breed we know as witty comedians! It is … Read more

What Is the Difference Between Wit and Humor?

Wit and humor both are funny in their own respective ways

Wit and humor have walked hand in hand for the longest time. They are two very separate qualities, and yet it is extremely easy for someone to mistake them for one. However, there are various differences between both.  What Is Wit? According to The Cambridge Dictionary, wit is the ability to use … Read more

What Is Wit and Why Is It Important?

three women laughing

Wit is something not new to people. It has been used for many years and can be seen or heard on many occasions. It is also often seen on televisions shows and movies. But what is wit, and why is it important? Wit came from an old English word, wit, which stands … Read more