The Real Cost of Living Off the Grid

a house at the foot of a mountain

Staying or living off-grid has a lot of meaning to different people. For some, staying off-grid is a temporary vacation from the hustle and bustle of city life, staying in remote places for a long time before returning to the grid. Meanwhile, some people only get themselves off the public electrical or … Read more

How to Stay Positive When Things Go Wrong

a close-up sideview face of a woman praying

Some people think it’s like they are being doomed or born with so much misfortunes on their side. Things don’t happen according to their plans. Well, nobody can entirely control what will happen today or sees what tomorrow brings. No one is exempted from having bad days, perhaps, weeks, months, or so. … Read more

Tips to Learn the Art of Saying ‘No’

yes words forming a big ‘NO’

Since we were kids, it’s always hard for us to accept the “No” from our parents whenever we wanted to do or have something, and they won’t give it. Do you think they find it easier to say no, although they knew it would make us feel bad and upset? Or have … Read more

A Guide to Decluttering Your Home

blue wall, blue table, plant in a vase, container jar

What is “clutter” and “decluttering”? Clutter is defined as a collection of things you’re keeping that don’t add value to your life while decluttering is defined as removing unneeded items in your home and making room for those that really matter. Why get rid of the clutter? Well, first of all, clutter … Read more

Tips for Home Office Lighting

a laptop with a picture of a toddler, blinds behind the laptop, wooden desk with books, notebooks, a pen, and an eraser

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic started, almost all of us were required to stay home. This means that we are supposed to do our normal day-to-day stuff like studying and working at home. We bring home paperwork and try to accomplish different online tasks in our home that turned into an office. To become … Read more

Refurbishing Old Sewing Machines

A vintage sewing machine

Have you ever seen a vintage sewing machine at a thrift shop or a flea market that made you stop in your tracks and take it home for repair? You may have seen its beauty under all that rust, dirt, and grime but aren’t sure what it will take to bring it … Read more

Handling Online Meetings in a Noisy House

A computer set for online meeting inside a house

Due to the unique conditions brought about by this pandemic, many of us are forced to work remotely in our own homes. Employers have made us reliant on video conferencing applications like Zoom for conducting meetings and classes. If you make or attend conference calls, then you know how distracting and annoying … Read more

Letting Kids Decorate Their Rooms and Staying Out of Their Way

A girls’ bedroom

Giving your child the freedom to decorate and decide on the design of their bedroom is an effective way to make them feel comfortable in their space. Leading child psychologists believe that parents must give their children a chance to decorate their own rooms as it lets the child express their personalities … Read more