Refurbishing Old Sewing Machines

A vintage sewing machine

Have you ever seen a vintage sewing machine at a thrift shop or a flea market that made you stop in your tracks and take it home for repair? You may have seen its beauty under all that rust, dirt, and grime but aren’t sure what it will take to bring it … Read more

Handling Online Meetings in a Noisy House

A computer set for online meeting inside a house

Due to the unique conditions brought about by this pandemic, many of us are forced to work remotely in our own homes. Employers have made us reliant on video conferencing applications like Zoom for conducting meetings and classes. If you make or attend conference calls, then you know how distracting and annoying … Read more

Letting Kids Decorate Their Rooms and Staying Out of Their Way

A girls’ bedroom

Giving your child the freedom to decorate and decide on the design of their bedroom is an effective way to make them feel comfortable in their space. Leading child psychologists believe that parents must give their children a chance to decorate their own rooms as it lets the child express their personalities … Read more

Tips for Your First Time Sewing

A Person Working on Sewing Machine

Sewing can be challenging for you to learn and improve at first. However, it can be the source of fun if you are well prepared and ready to take the challenge by getting fully equipped. There are a number of suggestions and tactics that can impressively help you in learning sewing for … Read more

Teaching a Child to Use a Sewing Machine

A cartoon girl infront of a sewing machine

Children are inquisitive, curious and ready to learn new things. It is best to educate them about different skills as soon as they are willing to learn. We all have some hobbies in our lives that keep us engage for a considerable amount of time. It has definitely an influence on the … Read more

Hand Sewing or Machine Sewing: Which is Better?

sewing equipment

Hand Sewing versus Machine Sewing We can accomplish a large number of similar outcomes in the case of sewing by hand or machine, however every method likewise has a few advantages and disadvantages. Designs are generally intended to be sewn by machine, while most weaving designs are finished by hand. Here are … Read more

Sewing Is Beneficial to Your Health

A Person Working on Sewing Machine

There are different engagements in which an individual can get involved for the sake of fun, learning skills and even spend the time in a delighted way. These engagements are not always likely to be constructive or fruitful. However, there is always something to gain and learn at the end. Sewing is … Read more

Zoom Meeting Mistakes to Avoid

Woman on the floor using Laptop

The popularity and utilization of on-line platforms have increased enormously in the recent times throughout the world. Zoom meeting is also one of them that have been used by almost everybody in one way or another.  The current challenges in the form of quarantine rules and pandemic threat have built this trend. … Read more