What Are the Most Expensive Silverware Brands?

Silver is known to be one of the most precious metals worldwide. It is a whitish lustrous metal with the highest thermal as well as electrical conductivity. It has been used in making coins along with gold. In addition, silver has been used in the construction of solar panels and, most commonly, jewelry. The earliest mines of silver were reported in Anatolia in the 5th century BC. 

In the past, silver was exported from Anatolia to Greece for tableware. It has also been used as a disinfectant before penicillin was discovered by mankind. Household items also comprise silver. The silver crockery reflects the status and luxury. Tableware has been popular since the discovery of silver. Till now, some antique sets of silver are sold at auction for millions. Some of the most expensive silverware brands are mentioned below:

1. Artemest

“Welcome to the world of luxury craftsmanship.” – Slogan of Artemest

As soon as you enter the website of Artemest, you realize the truth of this single sentence statement. The brand reflects luxury and royalty. It deals with a variety of objects categories. Artemest originated in Italy in 2015 and is one of the most expensive silverware brands in the world.

The brand’s founders Marco Credendino and Ippolita Rostagno, have worked brilliantly in gathering a team that has given rise to a brand like this. It originated in Italy, and the artisans have worked exceptionally to make outstanding handmade products. From home décor to jewelry and fine arts, Artemest deals with all products. Each of their product reflects the sober and unique features that give you an urge to buy it. 

2. Arthur Price

Arthur Price

This silverware brand was originated in 1902. From classic parish patterns to contemporary designs, it deals with a variety of cutlery. The brand has updated the collection over time and is considered one of the most expensive silverware brands in the world.

The brand has been named after its founder name, “Arthur Price.” It has been around more than a hundred years, and it deals with cutlery, tableware, as well as gifts. They claim to serve the best quality and customer services.

3. Audubon by Tiffany

This prestigious silverware brand originated in 1905 during the most innovative period of Tiffany. Over 100 years have been passed, and it has remained among the most popular cutlery brands, thanks to the exceptional quality it provides.

Audubon by Tiffany is a world-renowned brand known for its quality. Because of its extraordinary quality and uniqueness, it is one of the most expensive brands worldwide. It deals in a number of countries across the globe, from the United States to the Netherlands. The brand not only deals with cutlery, but the jewelry that it makes is unmatchable as well. 

4. CARRS Silver 

Carrs Silver is another brand known to be among the most expensive ones in the world. It was founded by Ron Carr in 1976. The company has grown continuously and never failed to amaze its customers with innovative yet prestigious designs that are never outdated. 

The company has maintained its reputation over the years, and these years have built trust that would not hopefully be broken. Be it any occasion, and Carrs Silver is enough to satisfy the needs of the cutlery matching it. This brand never disappoints and creates time-honored classics that will fit any period and any occasion.

5. Christofle


Christofle, which originated in 1830 in Paris, is the oldest of all the brands mentioned above. It deals with the sterling silver and silver-plated cutlery that is emblematic of the Maison Christofle. 

This brand introduced none other than electrolytic gilding and silver-plated cutlery. This is again one of the most expensive and well-known silverware brands. Since its origin, the brand has committed itself to solicit and extract the talents of artists. The objects it deals with reflecting the artistic flood of art.

6. Couzon

Couzon, a leading flatware brand, has been around since 1947. It was founded by Jean Couzon in Thiels, France. The products were increased gradually, and the team got made from the one-man army, which took years of hard work and struggle. The French village is known for its exceptional cutlery for more than 600 years. Hence, Couzon quickly became known as one of the top brands in the industry. 

Since then, Couzon has never failed to amaze the consumers with the quality, and thus it is one of the most trustworthy and expensive silverware brands in the world.

7. David Mellor

This prestigious silverware brand originated in 1954 and, after so many years, is known for the unique quality it provides its customers. Every set of the cutlery has a sense of soberness and reflects the passion of the artists. It has been named after its founder. David Mellor was known to be a prominent figure in British designs and has maintained an international reputation. 

David was born in Sheffield and got training as a silversmith. He designed some key designs that were named after him, and he is still remembered for his work. His company was succeeded by his son after his demise in 2009.

8. Ercuis

Ercuis, one of the oldest French silverware brands, is known to be originated in 1867. The designs are undoubtedly masterpieces and among the most expensive in the world. Being expensive reflects the quality the product holds within.

If you are into luxury and have a luxurious home, you can buy the best silverware from Ercus, including bar accessories, table accessories, decoration pieces, and much more. 

9. Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware

Gorham Sterling Silver Flatware

Originated in 1813, this silverware brand is no less than an antique masterpiece of history. The tale began when Jabez Gorham was done with his metalsmith apprenticeship in 1813. He then began the manufacturing of silver materials, including coins and spoons. These handmade products replaced the pewter spoons used at that time. The company was then sold to John Gorham in 1848. 

The company started to grow in the 1840s. The hard work always pays off. The limelight that the brand holds reflects the work and sweat they have put in. 


Some people have a special spot for luxurious items in their hearts, including luxurious flatware and silverware. If you are one of them, all the brands we mentioned above are for you. These are some of the most popular and expensive silverware brands in the world that have never disappointed their customers in terms of quality.